How to become a Master Downline Builder

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How to become a Master Downline Builder

When I was about 22 years old, I was approached by a friend of mine that told me about a company that she was in that was making her extra money. It was super easy and anyone could do it. I thought: “Awesome, I’m anyone so I should be able to do it too”

Little did I know, I had to talk to people and get my butt to the grind stone and work my business. She forgot to tell me that part LOL.

What you need to know is this…if you are going to be building you business, you want your corporation to continually grow. Which means you are going to have to continue working your business. There will be some days that will be discouraging and some that will be awesome.  You are going to need to know what to do to stay focused and on top of your game.

In steps my article

How to become a master downline builder.

You must have a “Why”. Your “Why” must be emotionally charged.

Here are a few examples: In my case, it’s my two little boys Andrew-4 and Tyler-2. The other day, Andrew came up to me all upset to let me know that it makes him sad that I have to go to work every day. That’s what motivates me. It can’t must be about money, it has to be “Why” you need that money.

Take Action. Take action now, there are no excuses that can stop you from making a 2 minute phone call. It can be done in the car, walking the dog, etc… Stop “Getting ready to get ready”

Find a strategy. Get with your upline and find out what is working the best for the company you are in. That is going to be where you want to start. Then stick with it for 45-60 days, that is a good average amount of time to get things moving and shaking.

Focus. Set apart time for your business and shut out the world. Put your time in on what strategy you are going to be using and kick butt at it. You are making your own hours so stick with it. YOU WILL PROCRASTINATE and get SIDE TRACKED…Trust me LOL

I go into more detail in the video below.

Want to be a master downline builder follow these tips

97% Don’t Fail at Network Marketing, 97% Quit/Give up. You either succeed or quit, that’s it.


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