How To Approach A Burnt Warm Market

Talking To Your Warm Market
Warm Market



Have you approached your friends and family with a, or several businesses in the past and looking to come around to them one more time? How would you like a way to bring yourself around again with a non-resistant approach that will have your person give you their undivided attention?

If you have already talked to your friends and family, depending on how it went, they may be avoiding your calls by now. And that’s okay, can you blame them? Most of us hit our list pretty hard.

In the Video Below we discuss a simple phrase that anyone can use to compliment, handle an objection and do what’s called a “Take Away”.

We share like this every day when we come back from the movies, go to a nice restaurant or we have a good experience somewhere. Why not do it with our businesses?

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    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Lisa
      Appreciate you too

  1. Luis Craveiro

    Great idea Steven, telling them that they are not a fit for the business might actually trigger then to want to join… Thanks for sharing.

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