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Training Your New Rep
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When it comes to growing your business, having a system in place is pretty important. Especially, if you want your team to grow with or without you. What it comes down to is one question… Are your new team mates reliant completely on you or can you quickly plug them into a system that will ensure them of success, as long as they remain in action?

I have had team mates in the past, refrain from sharing their business, service or opportunity due to the concern of leading. I can identify with this, as I have gone through this in the past. Fortunately, my current company has a system in place. Prior to this, I was forced me to create a home business training system for all my team mates.

In the Video Below, we discuss this simple three step process that anyone can follow to get them well on their way to successful independence.

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7 thoughts on “Home Business Training Your New Rep

  1. Cathy Pitts

    I love that 3 step process Steve. It certainly is nice to have a system in place to help new team members. Thanks for this valuable post.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome, thanks Cathy!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Cool, thanks Adewale

  2. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Love the 3 step process because it’s duplicatable! Too often people are afraid to lead if they have to teach things that seem overwhelming or daunting…you totally took that away here with these 3 steps

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Brian and Felicia White

    Outstanding tips on training your new rep Steve! It definitely makes sense to plug them into a system that is duplicable and super simple. Leverage, leverage, leverage! Thanks for sharing this and for leading the way! 🙂

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