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Home Business Success – Confused?


The Home Business industry has been around, in my opinion, since the beginning of time. Just about any business model, uses the same strategies. Why has the success rate has been mediocre – at best. Why is there such a casualty rate? There are several reasons.

Reinventing the Wheel
Find someone that you resonate with and attached yourself to them. From time to time let ego get in the way and feel that we can do everything on our own. From personal experience, this is silly. Why would try to do it on your own, when you have people at your disposal to help you. If your upline isn’t helping you, then go to theirs and keep going till you find someone. Maybe I was a bit rough saying ego. Sometimes we might feel like we’re bothering our mentors. That’s balderdash. Your team wants you to win for both of you.

Facing Reality
Most of us want to know everything before even stepping foot into a buddy’s home or picking up the phone. We want to be perfect…know everything. All this is doing is pushing off the only thing that’s going to make you any better. The quicker that you face the fact that you’re going to suck in the beginning the better. Even my first job at 14 years old at McDonald’s working the fries, I sucked. Ever single successful marketer out there, started in the exact same place that you did. Talk to them and be teachable. It’s going to be uncomfortable and that’s okay, you’re growing. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re normal?
The only real way to become the expert is repetition and re-evaluation after every step.

I can’t stress this enough. Events are not just a time to go and get “Hyped-up”. This is where you have a chance to learn from the best and meet people that are just like you that have done it already. This is the place that you might meet your next coach. By going to the events, you also stay plugged in. Remember how you felt when you first started? That feeling will come back every time you attend. 

You also get a feel for the culture. This is important, especially as you grow and bring your own team mates to the events. I just interviewed a 24 year old college grad that grew her team from 6 to 600 just be bringing her team mates to events and keeping them plugged in. Pretty amazing. Events are crucial for growth.

That’s pretty much it. There’s really not much to this whole network marketing deal. We love to make it difficult to justify our own inaction. In reality, anyone can have home business success. It’s applying what you’re told and talking to people.

Hope you pulled some value from this post. Looking forward to hearing about your own success.

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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12 thoughts on “Home Business Success Be The Best – Simply Stated

  1. Kay Somji

    Thanks for this article, two of these things really helped me out. Getting to events was key for me, as was not trying to reinvent the wheel!

  2. Jan Shaw

    Great advice Steve!! I especially like the part about if your upline isn’t helping you, go to theirs!

  3. Nestor

    Very Cool! Yes, we try to be perfect and that’s what actually is stopping us from moving forwards.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Perfectionitis LOL

  4. Lynn Brown

    Great insight Steve and a powerful message for people to realize they really can have a successful online business. I know that events really helped me to change my business, along with taking imperfect action is better than no action! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Oh man, hit that nail right on the head. Thanks Lynn

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