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Home Business Success – How?
Home Business Success


One of the biggest forms of resistance for new business owners is, what to do with your new team mates. For most, there is a an issue with having enough experience to be able to train a new person, when they themselves haven’t had success.

It comes down to belief. Belief in what you’re doing and who you are. That being said, wouldn’t it be great to have a system in place to plug your new team members into?
Prior to creating your own, to save time, I would get with your upline or with corporate to see what is readily available.

In the video below I will share three must haves in order to create home business success for you and your team. And I If you are looking to create your own system, you can easily follow this for yourself.

In order to follow a system, it must be easily understandable for all levels of experience and education. Also, it should be easy to hand over to people or put in an email. Below you’ll see a brief outline of the three must haves. More details are in the video above.

A Simple System to plug your new team mate into with instructions that they can adhere to immediately.

Using Company Tools. Most people want to learn everything about everything. That isn’t necessary to run this sort of home business…Trust me on that one.

Three-way calls. These are one of the most unused resources that we have at our disposal. They are incredibly powerful to show duplication and third party validation. 

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6 thoughts on “Home Business Success – 3 Must Haves For Success

  1. Jub Illa

    I agree, One of the biggest forms of resistance for new business owners is, what to do with your new team mates, especially when they just came from the JOB mentality thing, oh man.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      I hear that Jub. That’s okay, any education can be added to 🙂

  2. Dave P

    Getting our new team members to duplicate is everything. Using a company tool provides them the chance to get up and running fast. Good advice

  3. Lorraine Menza

    I think one of the biggest forms of resistance is overwhelm! People are trying to learn everything at once. Learn one thing master it, and then go onto the next!


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