11-08-17 #17 of #30


Finished FB Challenge
*4 New Members at MLSP Trials
2 New Coaching Clients – $30 per hour

Workout has not come to fruition yet… Why and How?
Up at at 7:30-8am Move This To 7:15am
Down at 1am – Move This To Midnight

Joined Mark Harbert’s 30 Day Challenge

Intentions For Today:
10 Day Challenge for new people

10 Day Challenge for new people
On boarding call
Free 30 minute session
Make your presence known
1. Walk through back office – Start With Attraction Marketing – Give Feedback
2. What do you want to do…Where to Brand Myself
3. How to Brand Self with Target Market and SM Platform
4. “What I Learned” FB Lives – Sharing Webinar Registrations / System Campaigns
5. Road To L1 – Tuesday to Wednesday a.m. Text / call people that are in the NM Niche
6. CRM – The power of the follow-up
7. FB Engagement Posts
8. Calling your leads – SteveKrivda.com/ClosingWebinar
9. Prospecting for your NM company – Turning The No To The Yes
10. Wrap up day… Q&A

Send in Debriefing – 24 hours prior to session

10-25-17 #16 of #30


Begin Challenge Monday 10/30 — (42) So far!
Consistent Emails
Lives… 3-4 per week

Wants Success for FB Challenge:
50% Conversion to 10 Day Trial
Facebook Mastermind Group with Open Q&A FB Live Responses
(1) Launch Your Brand

Been Really Busy… Maybe spreading too thin

Next 6-12 Months: What does Holly Want?
7-14 Day Goals – L3.
Set up FB Group or use current group…Included:
On Board Session
(1) 30 minute?
On going Live Support from Holly Steven
(1) Launch Your Brand

Use Trello

10-09-17 #15 of #30


Created Survey for coaching
Vegas trip~The Rise Festival
Had open conversation with Jim. 

Client Coaching Preparation Form                                                                

Use this form to prepare for your coaching session. Through reflection and writing, your session will be deeper and generate the results you are looking for. Before each session, please answer the following questions:

  1. How am I in this moment? How was my week?
    I am resolved! Was a week of reflection and moving forward.
  2. What would I like to get from our conversation/session today?
    I want to go deep into my mindset… Discovered a huge limited belief that I am allowing to stifle my growth… Would like to attack this with conviction. Open for hardcore feedback and breakthrough coaching …. Want to be reminded of the skills I have to change this self talk
    Mindset an issue? Why? Not getting things done. Not wanting to start moving forward and have to stop again. Because of current procedures. ~change the inner story.
  3. Is there a  situation or goal I want to discuss? What are the challenges, concerns, achievements or opportunities for growth I want to work on in this session?
    I want to discuss steps to the following (not so much how tos..will explain)
  • Get a handle on this LIMITED belief that I am allowing in my daily thinking ~~~
  • Still get challenges going, build my list… MLSP Goals to meet L3
  • Goalfriends creating local group woman for empowerment…
    How? Through Jack Cantfield’s program. Starts 10/12 with 1st phone call with Darlene
  • Hiring Techy Tony on New tech sessions, which one? For Blog
  • What do I what to be held accountable for? Mindset, 

What does Holly need to do the next 7 days:

Next Session – One on One Coaching Discussion. 

 Mindset…. Daily tasks…

9-27-17 Session #14 of #30


Took ownership of life and responsibility
Had issue with Jim smoking. Sent him email. Jim stated quit smoking
Been laser focused on selling coaching in MLSP

Crystal clear on actions over next 7 days on bigger vision:
*Increase active leads (see below)
Bigger picture on FB Challenge Groups “I’m Back and I’m here w/ a Challenge” ~See Below~
Talk about leads on coaching calls Owning This!
Clearing off with CR- Steve To Listen To Call…

Why no CTA on emails? Create short survey – surveymonkey.com
Immediate CTA is “I’m Doing A Challenge”

Start Promoting Challenge:
Each Day: Do Live with call to action – Do a Live themselves with feedback
How to do Facebook Lives:
1. Overcoming fear of doing Live Video – CTA Live Video
2. Picking topic and adding personal story –
3. Structure Live to keep audience engaged – without rambling (bullet points)
4. Using FB Live to Generate Leads
~ ~ What’s your give away? and hosting videos/PDF (Don’t have time to create giveaway or know what to give away… Talk about that tomorrow on our Live)
5. Bring in MLSP. Show giveaways. Who are you looking for in your business? The person that you have to convince and tell them why everyone need network marketing… or someone who knows NM and needs direction and/or a new home?

08-21-17 Session #13 of #30


Spoke with Fanale about coaching reps

100% on target game plan to increase MLSP team
1st Blog post up and public
100 apps for coaching between 2 person
*Sell Sell Sell
Facebook Transformation project done

Transformation Project:
*Vision: Inspire others that anyone can “Do This”
**Addressing Excuses Live no FB – Something that scares your every day challenge
***First Live: “I’m Coming Out Today”
***#1: Scale – Audience scale pics – Wednesday Weigh-Day

The above is to increase Coaching and MLSP

7 Day goals:
Blog post
Start Facebook Lives 08-22-17
See –> for examples of questionnaire SteveKrivda.com/Consult
Create PDF with 3 PDF’s inside in funnel
*** Training video for Funnel https://youtu.be/9IkgcqhIzXs ***

08-08-17 Session #12 of #30


Still working with coaching program.
Moving away from WV and into Helo Global Network
Doing daily newsletter

Need help with conversion to MLSP
Working on Blog
On-boarding calls taking a lot of time 30-45 minutes – Closing 1 in 20

Holly Coaching:
Branding other coaches to find their Voice…
Be sure they are qualified

MLSP Holly:
Increase conversions-Getting people on Wed Webinars
*1. Personally Reaching out individually (Friends on FB) 2. Post links in groups
**Then in auto-responder
***Call, text and email-Did you get a chance to see the webinar
Building Holly Brand
Help others tapping into gifts and leverage current gifts & LEVERAGE that for them to monetize
“Eye opening content – Leading to Consult page ->Funnelizer (Sales page)

Create Funnel with Funnelizer… Drive traffic to this page via Facebook Live and Conversations

02-28-17 Session #11 of #30


Spent a few hours creating Blog Content


Promoted to 3 Star in Ambassador in WV

Nervous about webinar
Thinking too deep for webinar…

Google “how to” for blog
Get going webinar
Send PDF DMO/Mindset to Steve
3 mini-webinars-soft coaching mention (15 minute Complimentary) 03-06-17 Start #1…
Leading up to Big Webinar

02-07-17 Session #10 of #30


Going to Europe Starting Tomorrow

Doesn’t feel like a good client. Not completing Assignments.
Fear of Capabilities?
Got card for Jim and he broke down << good thing  🙂

#1: Jim – Marriage / Family – Awesome
Called 53 leads – (1) Coming on board $10 trial, (1) Coming on at $149
Created 42 leads/messages << added to funnel
WorldVentures Prospect Coming on Board

List of Commitments:
*Get with Kamil and get questions answered
*7 Content Ideas to blog
*PDF around Mindset DMO
*Wants to speak to the work/ Save the world
Help the “Underground Trafficking”  <<< Add To Vision
*Finish up contacting 95 leads…
*Facebook Live, How I generated 95 leads in 2 weeks for Free
     Create short 2 page pdf on how you did it…
Create HollyStevens.com/95Leads

How To Use Pretty Link – Why Use Pretty Link

*Turn 2 hour Work Shop into webinar <<  $297 price point coaching. ($697 value)
Bonuses for full commitments of coaching. Deposit $x to hold price.  (Mis-Match
with MLSP Mastery

It’s time for Holly Stevens to emerge as the Coach Holly’s destined to be!

01-25-17 Session #9 of #30

Went to MLSP hang out this past weekend.
Epiphany-Become a trainer of trainers.

In the middle of following up with 53 People

End Game – Become The Trainer of Trainers
Avatar- Trainer, Coach that’s coaching others, People training mindset, etc..
Create Brand Online – Building blog content.

7 Day Goals:
Contact 53 Leads ASAP
Create PDF around Mindset DMO
Step into EPC (Endless Possibilities Coach)
Come up with (5) Content Topics… Create (2) posts or (1) if you haven’t created these 5 ideas yet

01-12-17 Session #8 of #30

Today’s recording:

Created clarity for future/Vision
Reviewed previous calls – realization where could be and THAT’S OKAY
Creating two hour workshop

Creating Intentions:
Create income to pay for coaching, course and training
Source For Above~Coaching, mentoring and training.

2 Hour Work Shop:
Finished and presented. Video recorded and sent to Trainer Designs Global Jan 31st
Topic: Coach Branding Conscientiousness Hearing vs Active Listening – Get More Result For You Clients
Niche Market – Coach Coaches (General beginner Life Coaches/Executive Coaches)
Create local audience: Webinars to narrow niche market
Free vs Paid: Free
Create Digital / Online that can sell
Conference Room in Durham.
Script for Work is finished

7 Day Intentions:
Create content – FB Lives-
Who do you to impact/inspire. What result do you want for them? How do you want to be seen? What do you want teach? What Problem Do You Want To Solve?
Meet-up Groups – Awareness of Event – Get on List
Webinar – Short – end talk about local event, want recording you need to be on THIS list

01-03-17 Session #7 of #30

Managing Time Better
Content out to 22 people since last session
Speaking people on building brand
Sold C4 Coaching. Wife of new client said “NO”. Holly took stand for Glen. Working on it.
Shifted from “Busy” work to “Serious” work
Working with Kamil on Blog.
Worthiness increasing
Doing Meditation each and every day
Going to “Train the Trainer

No homework done:
Lots of What-ifs
Fears of becoming real
not trusting instincts – Fear
Focus an issue

Wants to speak to the work/ Save the world
Help the “Underground Trafficking”  <<< Add To Vision

Who do you want to speak to?
What’s the message to this audience?
Who does Holly need to become?
This will go in your Office

Payment Plan Addressed

12-30-16 Session #6 of #30

Today’s recording: https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/DozZT/aIpIzk

Doing meditation Daily.  (Holly Sounds Awesome!!)
Got interrupted this morning by Jim… Find spot that’s more confined

Reviewed all calls from past. Ah-Ha moment. Building foundation!
Ah-Ha Moment:
Stepson has apologized and said “I love you”
Stepdaughter, on Christmas day, came up slightly intoxicated with accusations.
Holly remained solid and present
Getting to truth
Enrolled in Mastermind for MLSP
Had a talk with Jim. He misses Holly when she’s gone

Enrolled Mastery Member (Ulises) since last session… and they have someone already too!

Needs 4 referral points to get to L2 (1 once Ulises comes up)

Looking to Remove personal debt by March 30th 2017 – $30k

Going to “Train the Trainer” on Jan 4th
Going to MLSP Mastermind retreat Jan 19th

Kamil is working on Blog again

Target Market
Who do you want to speak to?
What do you like to talk about?
What is your passion
What are some of your Values?
Topics of focus – your target market’s top 3-4 biggest challenges, problems and pains.
Start forming product…. PDF, Video series, A report, etc…

12-22-16 Session #5

Recording from today https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/DozZT/aIU2T3

Spent 4 Days in Tennessee Disaster Fire, donating time with time
This allowed Holly to immerse into Serving!
Witnessed Dolly Parton give $1,000 per person.
Listening to meditation sporadically

Sold 3 coaching programs

Create clarity with WorldVentures
Watch Presentation

Big Picture

7 day goals:
Meditation Every Morning https://secure1.mlspcdn.net/docs/step-into-your-vision-meditation.mp3
BLOG (10 tips to 50 Leads per day) – 4 Hours per day
Watch WV Presentation
Prospect – 10 Committed
Aron Parker’s Video
Instagram Training
Spend (1) hour connecting with people
Come up with (10) Facebook Live topics for beginner network marketers

12-15-16 Session #4

Recording from today https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/DozZT/aIU6cT

Continue to exercise
Made 15 dials per day – Older Leads
Getting better at time management with calling leads
Invited to train at “Train the Trainer” with Trainer Global Designs

Home life may be limiting posture…
Create environment of serve others that may be silent victims
I will Impact this person in a positive way. We will create a future of success.

Will You Help Me
Do You Care
Can I Trust You

Wants to “Make Run” for MLSP Contest

The retreat was good. Some resistance was raised at the beginning

Minimum Make Per Month: $5,000 <– That’s possible but not 100% on this
Limiting Belief Stopping:
“Done it before and Lost It” Fear to maintain. Fear of Loss. Fear of Success
What Do I Want? Bliss/Joy. Be Passionate Again About Life. Be a forward thinker. Leave the Past.
Why? The Legacy Left My Son- Zachery
Who do I need to become in order to make this a reality?
“I Deserve Happiness”  “I am the leader people are looking for” “I am worthy”

7 Day Goals:
Call List
Aron Parker
Tuesday Hangout 11-22-16 
https://www.mlmleadsystempro.com/member/training/media/top-earner-hangout-lead-generation-and-mindset/v22005/ Fast forward to Jelena


12-09-16 Session #3

Recording from today


Chiropractor coming in to MLSP – Possibly today
Doing Screen Shares on Monday and Tuesday – 5 “So Far”
Norbert gave rest of leads to “Get taken care of this week”

Spoke on Jim/Holly’s engagement during marriage event this weekend.

Created script to call leads… Keeping Calls under 15 minutes.
Brief Intro! Hey this HS, how are you? Assume they know but probably don’t.
You had picked up a copy ….. Just wanted to say “HI”
Your number is 813, where am I calling?
How long in the industry? – Congrats
What brought you in?
What would it mean to you IF, 24 mths from now, that would become a reality?
What are you currently doing to grow you business?
What do you feel would benefit you and your business?
I know I can help you… Here’s what we’re going to do.

Record your own screen share!

For Immediate Leads:



12-02-16 Session #2


Been Sick This Week
Dialing machine-15 calls per day on average. Able to contact 2-4 each day
Able to get 2 on the webinar last week and 1 this week
“Arnold” was on the webinar.
Reading “Outwitting The Devil” – Right book at the right time
Worked out 3 times this week
Lost 5lbs This week!!

What Does Holly Want from Marriage?
First Response – I don’t want this marriage
Second Response – I don’t want what it is now

Spoke about ways to have conversation with Jim.
Create a Date Night With Jim. Talk about old times and happy moments

7 Day Goals:
Create Date Night with Jim
Set Time To Go To Bed at Night and Stick To It
At 10:30pm -Read Night Time Affirmations
L2 by next week. Needs 4 points.
Will be setting list and calling list
Use this with prospects http://www.mlsp.com/media/video/NzU0OGVkOTdl

Will be speaking with (10) people that are Red Hot Leads – Send those people here http://www.mlsp.com/media/video/NzU0OGVkOTdl
Continue calling leads supplied from MLSP
Be cautious of time on phone that you’re not serving –
Current MLSP 5 minutes top.


11-22-16 Session #1


-In the next 40 days
Net $10,000.00 +
Lose 25 #
-Be Senior Rep and lifestyle bonus qualified -Be L3 close to L4 -have a daily regimen that is now practiced without effort

World Ventures: Wants Senior Rep – currently at 6 on short side. Long side is built out
Battling with WV and Trips.

$10,000 – From MLSP…

MLSP – Currently 6 Mastery – 18 Points With 21 Referral — Need (2) Mastery Members
Currently 300 MLSP Leads from MLSP – 33% closure rate
MLSP Provided PDF Cheat Sheet

Lose 25lbs – Currently 196lbs

Personal Development: Nothing right now.

WorldVentures – Work on Follow-up. Dis-organization
Re-Work List. Get List of ‘first’ names to Steve

MLSP: Instagram and generating leads. Speaking to warm list from other MLM’s and Businesses. Best strategy – Wednesday Webinar

Download Google Calendar to iPhone and Use It. Along with iPhone Reminders
Create a back office “Walk-Through” and upload it to hosted media
Create Facebook Lives Around Promoting Wednesday Webinars Starting Monday
Crank up Instagram – April Marie’s Training… Holr.co <– Auto Message to new followers

Activate Blog and Get Steve the username.mlspsites.com site ASAP

Night Time – Miracle Morning Affirmations Every Night
Wake Up – Gratitude Journal (3) Thing
Outwitting The Devil – Napoleon Hill – 30 minutes audio/reading
Exercise: Doing BootCamp 5x’s per week
Instagram: Use HootSuite. See Most updated IG Training in Mtg Strats – See Steve’s DMO Sheet
Use company hashtags.
Follow 50 people per day
Use “Followers” App (red/green/blue) to unfollow nonfollowers
Speaking with people (10) per day

See Steve’s DMO and Save as and create your own.