Hey Network Marketer – Feeling Overwhelmed?

overwhelmedBeing Overwhelmed doesn’t have to be.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, PPC, Promoting Ads, Posting 10+ times a day, Webinars, Programs Arrggh! Phew, I started freaking out just writing this.



Ever feel overwhelmed with all the “Stuff” that’s going around the internet today? It’s right on crazy. Heck, I’ve had the feeling as recent as this week. Webinars 2-4 times a week with homework in addition to prospecting, writing articles, putting out videos and value. I get it.
So what do you do? This is going to be short and sweet.


In any random order, write down what you are doing or better yet, what you are supposed to be doing. I say random order because I don’t want you to put thought into this list, just write.
Once you have your list put together, whip out another clean sheet of paper and with nice hand-writing, put your previous list in order of relevance.


Get rid of the first list, crumple up the disorganized, overwhelmed you and go to the nice and neat you. Examine this list to see what sort of money making activities are on that list.
Prospecting, making calls and adding to your pipeline are good examples of money making activities.
If you don’t have any, this will be your priority to add to the top of the list. Generating an income, keeps you going on the days when you are freaking out LOL.  I can’t begin to describe how cool it is to get that “Commission Received” email from work that you have done in the past.


Next you are going to eliminate the mundane time consuming activities that really aren’t doing you any good. Stuff like, webinars that aren’t relevant to your plan of action. Stick to a strategy, at tops two and work those till you are awesome at them. That’s how you are going to construct your third list.


Steve, this is crazy…Three lists? Yes, three lists!


From this third list, you are going to create your Daily Mode of Operation or DMO. This is where the money is. Stick to your DMO and you will have success. You see, network marketing is not hard. The issue that most people have is complete inconsistency to the point where they become overwhelmed, quit and fall into a STATISTIC.
(Article I wrote on Daily Mode of Operations)

There really is no reason to be Overwhelmed if you follow what’s above. If you feel like you don’t have time to do that, then you really need to do it LOL.

Have fun


“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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