Herbalife Review – The Non-Biased Truth

Herbalife Review – The Non-Biased Truth

It’s always good
to get some history behind a home business prior to committing.

Mark Hughes founded Herbalife in 1980 but sadly Mark met an early death just before he turned 45.

Nonetheless the company stayed in business and it has created quite a name in the weight loss “healthy” food niche now for over thirty years.

The company explains it has virtually 2,000,000 distributors in countries all around the planet. It’s a publicly traded company on the NY Stock Exchange and with profits reported at $3,500,000,000 ( yes that is billions ) the company must be doing something right!

Unfortunately, the recession has influenced their profits of late.

Herbalife distributes vitamins, weight loss products, pre-packed meals, herbs, protein bars and protein shake mixes thru a network of distributors and is an MLM company.

If you’re curious about the company’s products, simply contact a local distributor and become a retail or wholesale consumer.

Like I stated above, Herbalife’s products include pre-packed foods that are part of their dieting plan, and other healthy products like vitamins and protein bars and mixes for shakes, which are distributed thru a multi level marketing system. By getting in contact with a local distributor you can buy their products or become a distributor yourself.

The first buy in to Herbalife, requires buying a selection of the firm’s products which you need to try so you can talk about them to prospects, then, if you chose, you can sell the rest of the products to people you know, to get a commission. It’s a ordinary MLM set up. To be an active distributor you need to be ready to purchase a certain amount of product monthly, which you consume or sell for commissions.

As with any MLM business the method to earn cash passive residual income from other distributors is to build a big network. You and your team can then either retail of wholesale products or work on building your team / downline. Enrolling a large downline of successful distributors is the key to success. You can earn a little commission for every one of your team member’s sales. This little commissions from everyone, will soon add up to a pretty nice CHECK.

It costs approx. $200 to enroll as a new distributor and you are given a choice to “tool up” and get a further stock of products to have available for shop sales and sampling. The idea is to simply pass out product sample then follow up to take retail orders. You will also want to see if your prospect may want to know more about the income opportunity.

So what’s the bottom line? The final analysis is that Herbalife has been around for a long time.

They are a stable worldwide company that does billions in sales annually. A few people are making very solid six-figure, even multiple six-figure incomes. Many are earning a nice part time income. But most distributors usually don’t earn enough to cover the costs of being in business.

The difference is marketing. Like any business, promoting is what fuels sales of goods and services and building lucrative Herbalife business isn’t going to be the exception.

You must master sales and selling if you really want to make serious money in any home run business. With that in mind, perhaps one of the first things you must do before getting to jumping into the company is to discover more about the varied selling options available to you.
Without people looking at your opportunity, you are dead in the water.

For example, paid advertising models and Internet based attraction marketing systems.

Here are a few examples of advertising your business:

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing


Youtube Marketing


I hope you got some value out of this review.

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