Hemp Network Review

Hemp Network Review

So, I was emailing back and forth with a friend of mine the other day and they asked me what I thought about the product called “Hemp”. I thought that was a funny question but, I also know that Hemp is a great alternative to shirts, hats, gloves, skin care, shampoo, etc… As you can see, there are lots of different products.

So I answered with the only answer I could think of…”It’s cool, you can make lots of stuff with it, why do you ask?”

Then they came back to me with something, I figured was coming next. They asked “Have you have ever heard of a company called “Hemp Network”?

Hemp Network Review

I decided it was time to do my on Hemp Network Review and this is what I found.

For starters, you could have guessed, it does have to do with Hemp Products. The Hemp Network was create with idea to provide hemp and wellness related products on a massive scale to the public with the idea to create an income. A division of Medical Marijuana Inc.

Like most MLM companies, they have training a couple of times a week, pretty cool.

Since I am sure you are looking here for the same thing as most…THE COST. The site that I went to assured me that there is no cost to belong to the Hemp Network. However, there is a cost, if you want to make money. That cost is $100, if you want to make any sort of money. The products range from oils, to proteins, to seeds, to skin and mushrooms.

Hemp Network Review

So how do you get paid, you ask? You get paid weekly, 20% fast commission on the first order place by anyone you personally refer. “By sharing with people you know” J

The residual earnings come monthly, as long as you are “Active”, up to 7 levels of compensation (Unilevel.) This works on up to 7 levels of pay on every product purchased in your group, every month, if you referred them or not, pretty cool. From what I saw a month’s worth of product is approx. $85 plus shipping. I went a few different sites to see what I could find on the Hemp Network and struggled to find any hard information I could use. This was a bit disheartening for the people that are attempting to promote Hemp Network. ONE BIG ISSUE was, that I couldn’t get the “Join” links to work.

All of that being said, personally, I think it would be difficult to approaching your friends and family about your knew marijuana products. Unless, you are in and with a new naturalist crowd.

I think this is a really cool idea and as far as I could find, the competition is virtually nothing. Hemp products do seem to be more and more popular. So, if that what you are into, then go for it. It appears to be legit. I hope you enjoyed my Hemp Network Review. I apologize for not providing more information but couldn’t seem to find much.

Have an opinion, I would love to hear it. Leave a comment.

“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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  3. Sonny

    Steve, I want to get involved in network marketing as part of The Hemp Network. Are you involved in it? If so what would it take to join your downline? If not, can you suggest a direction I can take?

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