Handling Objections To Create Success – Top Three

Handling Objections


Being an entrepreneur, has it’s ups and downs. As you put yourself out to the world with your idea or concept, you leave yourself vulnerable for all sorts of opposition. Sometimes it’s from the people in your direct influence, loved ones or a ‘passer by’ on social media. If you keep up on your personal development, you understand that those objections are not about you and more about that person’s belief and / or past experiences.

All opinions are derived from an experience or received information. Funny thing about that, the information doesn’t have to be true. For most, the determining factor is how convincing the person bringing forth the information.
In additition to this, as we research information on the World Wide Web, we tend to search for what is going to bolster our position. We can literally convince ourselves to make a decision, not on what is right but more on what’s more safe.

Today, we’ll discuss Handling Objections in the Network Marketing realm, as it seems to be one of the biggest industries around. Over 18 million in the US alone, according to a survey in 2015.

Understand that network markeing isn’t going to be for everyone. Though the benefits outweigh any sort of negative around. As much as we would love to see the people in our lives, move into this industry to see what it’s all about, it just isn’t a realistic dream.
If you’d like to see the Benefits of Network Marketing, even you don’t make a profit, See This Facebook LiveAs you prospect and speak with people about your opportunity, product or service… there are a few things to keep in mind.

Skepticism of who you are and your motives. We live in a different society now. It’s not the “Shake Hands” contract society that existed a short 20 years ago. Unfortunately, money can make people move to the unethical arena.

Objections come from a place of “I don’t know if I can do this”

To help with that statement, you’ll want to keep these three questions in mind, that you’re prospect is thinking.

Can You Help Me?

Do You Care?

Can I Trust You?

In the video below, I address this as well as three of the most common objections.

I don’t have the money

I don’t have the time

I don’t thing those things work

As you can see and hear, objections are what they are and SO Simple to reply with integrity. Keep your friends, family or your prospect know that you have their best interests at hand. 

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Steve Krivda

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16 thoughts on “Handling Objections To Create Success – Top Three

  1. Jonna Lindawan

    Great post, Steven! Truly what make people object to anything is if they don’t trust the presenter or the product being presented.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome Jonna!! Love it

  2. Juanita

    Objections used to stop me dead in my tracks.
    I saw it as rejection and I avoided it at all costs.

    Now, I see it as a request for more information or clarification.

    Thanks for sharing Steve

  3. Kenny Santos

    The best way to get over an objection is to get them to like you. If they like you and trust you, then they will want to join your team or at least buy something. Great tips

  4. Alex

    Awesome stuff buddy. Good to see you’re doing live’s.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to embed lives properly onto my blog.
    Great way of overcoming objections.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks bro!
      Embedding, depends on the blog platform. Typically pretty simple 🙂
      (I had to Google it LOL)

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on Yemisi 🙂

  5. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Objections used to get me in a twist, I would be so down after, took them personal.
    This training reinforces that its not about me! Thanks for this training Steve!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      haha, i hear that Julie!! Thanks for being here

  6. Shannon Seek

    I really appreciate what you have to say about network marketing not being for everyone. I did my college thesis on it and love the business model, myself. Even opened the mind of my professor.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Wow!! That’s awesome!

  7. Theresa Lovelace

    Great post and good advice about how to handle objections. We all get them…best to know how to deal with them and most importantly, not to take any objection personal. Thanks for info, Steve! 🙂

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thank you Theresa. Appreciate you

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