Halloween Fun and MLM Tips

MLM Tips from a Halloween fun night with great friends

Tonight’s Halloween so, we all go dressed up. Danielle was what my friend Glenn called “Yellow” or “Lolipop”, our oldest was Captain America, our Halloween 2013youngest was the Hulk and I was a Flamboyant Cowboy. We to our friend’s house, who lives in a community and hiked for a couple of miles around a really nice community. As you could imagine, the boys lost steam and exactly the midway point of the round about haha. All in – We had lots of fun.

So by now, you’re probably asking what this has to do with network marketing and what sort of MLM Tips can come out of this? I made an observation tonight as I watched all the people walking around in their costumes. It’s a night to be whoever you want to be and you can play whatever part you want, even if it’s just for a few hours. It hit me when a teenager walked by, dressed up like a pimp. He walked the walk with a cane, had the look in his eyes and believed that’s what he really was.

MLM Tips #1: Be Real.

In our industry, there are a individuals who attempt to dress themselves to be someone else…something they are not. (Stick around for Tip #2) What most people don’t realize is that it’s best to be yourself. Have the confidence in you that people will like you being genuine and will appreciate you being authentic with them. There’s no need to put on a mask to impress anyone, only to reveal a different you later on in the relationship. Being real with someone takes guts for most people and doesn’t always come naturally but, it’s worth it. You’ll feel about you and more people will dig you for being you. See the next tip, if the case you’re not who or what you like.


MLM Tips #2: What’s Up With The Real You.

I told you to stick around for this one, LOL. Now that you may have looked inside yourself, you may not have like what you see. Hey, it happens. Instead of putting the mask on, jot down a couple/few things that you may not like about yourself and let’s evaluate them. From personal experience, most of them stem from fear.

Most people have issue with how much they hold themselves back because of fear. I’m not going deep here, I am talking about the feat that holds you back from going out on the dance floor at the wedding or the fear that stops you from singing when you come up to a stop light. You see, we tend to make situations all about us. “I’ll have a few drinks before I go out and dance” as if that’s going to suddenly make you twinkle toes LOL. We’re concerned about everyone looking at us. That’s a pretty selfish way of thinking, that we are the center of attention where ever we go. Truth is, you blend in with all the others having fun and that’s it, YOU’RE having fun. Same with singing in the car at a stop light, most, if not all people will see someone having fun and enjoying life. That’s the person that others want to be with. Someone that likes to have fun with life and release their inhibitions. Someone that attracts other awesome people.


So, what did I pick up from tonight Halloween extravaganza, be yourself and have fun with life. If you have something holding you back, take a serious look at it and see what it is making you miss in life. Weigh up with you’re missing and see if it’s worth the risk.

Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy Halloween


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