Grow Your Business With Cold Market Prospecting

Cold Market ProspectingGrow Your Business With Cold Market Prospecting

Just the thought of talking with people out and about is enough to give anyone anxiety. Funny thing is, there’s tons a training on exactly how to prospect while you’re out. Question is, why aren’t more people up for the challenge?

One issue is, trying to follow cold market prospecting scripts. They typically don’t flow well, they’re not your words. Being as nervous as most are, trying to remember something is completely out of the question. Because one stutter and it’s game over, sweating, shaking, losing color in your face and completely blacking out the conversation LOL. At least that used to be my experience.

In the Video Below, we discuss cold market prospecting techniques that are totally customizable. I think you’re going to dig it.

It’s no doubt, in order to succeed  in our industry, we need the highest quality network marketing training available.
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5 thoughts on “Grow Your Business With Cold Market Prospecting

  1. David Thompson

    Two words: self confidence and self esteem will help you conquer the fear of cold market prospecting. And Like Ray Higdon talks about, posture. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on bro. While growing confidence, action is necessary 🙂

  2. Cathy Fraser

    It's all about simply talking to people like we always would? Great coaches and friends are good listeners…

  3. LuAnn

    great post Steve thanks for sharing… Self Confidence is the start then we need to believe in ourselves and not be afraid…awesome thanks Steve Tweeted for you

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