Grow-Build-Motivate Your Team – 5 Tips

Team Motivation TipsTeam Motivation Tips

So, you have some people on your team and you’re psyched because you finally have people to work with. You sit back and take a breather and start refreshing your back office waiting for the magic to start happening. Lo and behold, nothing happens…What the heck?!

I’m going to assume that you put the on your company training and have equipped them to kick some butt.
Question is, have you found out what motivates them, what get’s them going and what’s going to have them walk through walls?
This is the topic of today’s post.

Team Motivation Tips

The great thing about these tips, you can use them to enroll more people. As you are going through the closing process, listen and HEAR what the person is saying. They will tell you what is motivating them and keeping them open to your idea/concept.
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“Because You’re Worth It”
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