Greg Fekete

Session #1 of #5 08-16-17


Age 38
Private High School – not so good “Wasn’t my thing”
Big in Sports!
Went to college at Liberty University to play Soccer

Intentions from Greg:
Not right now
Was doing Brukus (motorcycle company) – 6 years
Global Network / Helo
**Network Marketing is a fun new challenge
***First go around in network marketing

After High School / Liberty:
Worked with girlfriends family (Del-Ray Plant) 2-3 yrs
Then worked with graphic design for 2-3 years
Spent lots of time in Guatemala
Started Brukus about 6 years ago

What does Greg want:
Passion is Sports
Captain of ship

Feels some regret from time spent with ex-girlfriend

In Global – $10k per month. “Diamond” – Needs (1) more person to sign up.
Has 1 signed up so far. That guy has 2-3 signed up

What does life look like at the above at this moment…

Feels like “I’m stuck”
I don’t see that future for me
I hate money <– When you don’t have it, it pisses you off
*The family doesn’t trust me*
My past demons… keep coming up
I take everything out on people – I don’t want to hurt people
*Where does that come from…
**Relationship with Ex. – Physically by her
***Still bothers me

Family with kids (2) at least one boy – Brunette
Good relationship with family
Stop worrying about everything
Live by the ocean-something with a window… Beach
Rouch Edition Harley Truck (Ford)

Wants to sign up someone that “I know” <– Vision Video

Write letter to Holly
Write letter to Family
Write Vision
“Who am I” – In front of a mirror and ask yourself… Can’t leave until answers come

Affirmations: Night and Morning
“I am confident”
“I am enough”
“I am worthy”
“I am abundant”
“Money comes to me easily and frequently”