Going Big Is Essential For Big Growth – My Short Story

go bigMost people won’t Go Big.

As you know that the bigger you go, the harder you could possibly fall.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, the BIGGER you go the BIGGER you WIN.

I have to say something here. I just posted something on Facebook because I had a thought and didn’t want to lose it.
I find it interesting that they only people who really dream and go big are the network marketers that are on my friends list. I posted something about it and…well, you can guess who where the majority if not all the comments came from.


Anyway, back on topic. Sorry about that. If you want to see, you can go over to
www.Facebook.com/Steven.C.Krivda and see LOL

In the video below, I talk about some advice that Ray Higdon gave me the other day. Simple advice that anyone can follow. What results I got from it. Wheeeeeew!

Pretty cool. You can see that I was pretty excited about being there, what I had accomplished and meeting some pretty amazing people.


“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda


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