Getting Past The Fear Of The Phone

Fear of the Phone
Fear of the phone

We’ve all been there, getting ready to making that phone call, you look at it and you can almost hear the tires as you come to a screeching hault. Some just can’t describe where the issue is, there’s just a level of anxiety that we try to avoid. For some, there’s no emotion and for others it’s crippling. What’s the deal?

Having fear of the phone, typically comes down to one thing. As much as we want to debate, as much as we want to deny it…it’s comes down to “What others think of you” 

We spend most of our lives looking for approval. For most, it starts with our parents and not wanting to disappoint them. Constantly looking to stay out of trouble and avoid “The Look” and punishment. I can tell you, for me, I would take a punishment over hearing “I’m disappointed in you” any day. 
We make it Middle/High School and we’re doing everything we can to fit in and have some sort of popularity. Doing everything we can to avoid being ridiculed, saying the wrong thing and getting ousted for the rest of our school career.  Honestly, college isn’t much different except there is the safety of huge numbers of students. 
Next we get a job. Constantly scrutinized on everything you do, watch every move, have to watch your words and then evaluated every 3-6 months. 

It’s no wonder so many are concerned about what people think about us. 

Though school and possibly our job could be pretty intense, what happens after that, ie. the phone, is made up. I had a conversation with a young man, who happens to be a very busy doctor, up to his ears in debt and a new daddy. He is the last person you would think would want to add something else to his plate. 
We spoke and he was so excited, he could hardly contain himself. He’d been praying for something to come into his life and here it came. He has had me busy too. He’s put me in front of 10 people in the last week and 8 of them are coming on to his team with several that have already pulled the trigger. 

By avoiding the phone, we are predicting the future. We have already made up the minds of the people we know and could be taking away the only hope they have for any sort of freedom. 

Wrapping our minds around receiving a “No”
First, a “No” most likely has nothing to do with you. The person you are speaking with has already created their opinion of your product, service or opportunity, prior to you making the call. Most opinions are formed from past experiences and from something that “Someone said”
If the experience was good, great…if it wasn’t not-so-great. 

Those that are “Saving You”
There are going to be some in your life that are looking to “Save You”. This can come off pretty harsh, especially when you are told you made a dumb decision, you’re going to lose all your money, you’re going to jail and all that jive. 
Here’s the truth, your friend cares about you and has no other way to saying it. They may believe what they are saying to you, they’re just not good at articulating it. 
The absolute worst thing we can do here is resist it. Just let them know that you appreciate them and that it appears this might not be a fit for them and you’ve got to run because you’re building your business. Long and short, you’re letting them know that you’re running with or without them. 

Bottom line, your concern over the phone is made up. A no is to the opportunity, product or service. The only way someone can continue to razz you is if you remain on the phone and you are too powerful for that. If you’re going to predict an outcome, predict that you’ll be in action. 

There are two outcomes from picking up the phone. Someone is going to give you a hard time or you are going to be the answer that they’ve been waiting for. Be the answer to someone’s prayers. In order to do that you have to weed through some bad apples. Isn’t worth that to change someone’s life?

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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12 thoughts on “Getting Past The Fear Of The Phone

  1. Juanita

    Great perspective.
    After all, what’s the worst that can happen. 🙂

    P.S. – Love your About Steve! #Boom

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      You’re amazing Juanita, thank you

  2. Kay Somji

    A lot of people struggle with phone fear, and I agree, we ultimately make it up ourselves.
    I like how you broke down and rationalised it, great post Steve!

  3. Tara Woodruff

    Boom Steve!! I love this, The phone is not as heavey as people think it is. Its Much better to put ourselves out there with Positive expectation than to be under that looking glass at work!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Woooo, love that response

  4. Annabel Collins

    Great post Steve. Rejection is what we seem to dislike. But like you said it's not YOU it's the service or product. We have to be able to distant ourselves,

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      You got it Annabel! you rock

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