Getting Leads Using Attraction Marketing Online

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Getting Leads Using Attraction Marketing Online

Attraction Marketing Online is one of the fastest growing ways to get leads these days and certainly the most popular…in my opinion.

That being said, there is still a large majority of people that either don’t know what it is or just don’t care to use it. Attraction Marketing is a pretty easy concept to grasp. Basically, you need to provide value to your target market. From what I see, the most common mistake is jumping in to a market, spreading your “Value” around to people using your links and webinars and TOTALLY forgetting about the Attraction part of the marketing. You need to be liked, before people will ever blindly click on your links.

I have provided this many tips to help make yourself more attractive and trust worthy to people that you meet.

Sincerity:  You have to be nice to people. I know this sounds silly but, there are a lot of people working “The Script” they were given to generate leads and just waiting to throw that link at someone. Look, we all need a set of guidelines to follow when talking to future prospects but, don’t be a robot. Be a human being and actually care about the people that you are talking to. It’s okay to spend a little bit of time to help someone, they will be back and will eventually become a customer or part of your team. OR better yet, they will refer others to you.

Besides, it’s cool to be nice to people.


Live Life: This is going to be punch in the face for some to read but… Nobody wants to see that same old pictures you have up all the time. You know what I mean, pictures that were uploaded 10 months ago. This will be good for you personally and your business. Get out and do things. Doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend $1,000 to $2,000 on a trip. There are many times that we go to the beach or a local park, just to hang out with our two boys. We take pictures of us having fun and post the on Facebook and sometimes in my articles. Remember, this is about being attractive to other people. It isn’t necessarily about where you are or what you are doing, it’s about the level of fun you are having. People in our industry are attracted to happy people.a


Your Attitude: This is tough, be positive. If you are a negative person, you probably already know. Your friends will stop calling, posting on your comments and will most likely start ignoring you. Harsh truth but we have enough negative at work, traffic on TV…we want to be around genuinely happy people. Goes along the same lines at Live Life.


Take Risks: This is a bit far from the points, well, sort of. You want to attract leaders to your business. The leaders you want in your business have most likely already taken “Calculated” risks to get where they are. If they are going to follow another person that isn’t ready to do what is needed to be at the top. It’s funny, there are some that will drop $20 a week on the lotto over spending $100.00 a month on a marketing system. A calculated risk is a risk with a specific reward in mind. Not just making more money but a strategy to making more money. Others leaders respect that.


This is all about attitude. Your attitude and excitement will be contagious to those around you – Just like smiling at someone. Except with Attraction Marketing Online, you are using a Virtual Smile.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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  1. kihwaesi

    Steve Great post, the tis you left here a great nuggets! it’s a shame more marketers dont apply these to their business and often forget how powerful attraction marketing really is

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Kihwaesi. Cool man, I appreciate your comment too.

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