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facebook leadsBusiness Leads On Facebook

I’m sure you have done some sort of Facebook marketing here and there and I don’t what sort of results that you may have had…one thing I can say is that Facebook is a great place to market. I say that with the caveat of “If it’s done professionally”

When done correctly, this social media giant can reap some pretty dang good rewards.
There are still some that would tell you that marketing means to send out your link to people (unsolicited), post your link on your wall, tag others in pics, etc… To me those sorts of strategies are a little sketchy at best.

Take heed from the, not leaders of our industry but from the marketing giants…such as McDonalds, Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Insurance Companies, etc… Their marketing is little more subtle.

Business Leads on Facebook

Connecting with people on Facebook is pretty cool. What’s cooler is having instant rapport with someone, even before you start your conversation. You can do that with video. The course that you see in the top right corner of this page is a free Video Marketing Course. You have that for Free just by coming by here

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