Geri Rogner

Geri Rogner 04-04-17


Background in Fitness
PTA- medical field. Received License in October 2016
Past business insurance AFLAC

What Geri likes to do: Reading/learning
Teaches fitness classes at Gym. Yoga, fitness classes.

Currently working 8-5pm
2 nights a week teach class.

What would Geri do if could do anything?
Running own ‘autopilot’ business

Where in 5 years from now?
Business up and running and on autopilot
Doing something serving people.
Has had idea for approx. 3 years.
Why PTA: Wanted to increase education and increase pay as well to keep $ coming in.
WOULD NOT BE SATISFIED with current in 5-10 years. Not that it’s bad, just feels destined for more

Limiting belief?
Start up funds.
Not big enough population
Would have needed 1,200 on the books at $45 = $54,000

Target Market:
Middle Aged Females
Millenials Males / Females
Recapturing health
Straight forward with slight scientific approach
Getting Message Out To Above Market: How?
Find out if ‘they‘ are looking


Education/Info-FB Lives Leading to Giveaway below

14 Day Transformation
7 Day Tracker
Food/Sleep Pattern/Exercise
7 Day Lifestyle Routine – Free Consultation to Accountability Group Below

Giveaway leading to Accountability Group
Accountability Group to Facebook Group $Membership$
3 x’s week w-out sessions (30 minutes) Live Videos in group

Above in a nutshell
Facebook Lives / YouTube Videos —> Giveaway —> Accountability group
Create Beta group first


Recommended Book: Compound Effect ~ Darren Hardy

Why This Market?
Through seeing people around and from insurance.

12 months: Product up and running

How long have you known that you want to do this?

May want to create product
Personal training with therapy slant
We all know doughnuts are bad for us…but why?
Did you know that X