Generating Leads With These Youtube Secrets | Using Viral Marketing

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Generating Leads With These YouTube Secrets | Using Viral Marketing

I was watching Tosh.0 the other night and they were talking about videos going viral. I know the term and what it means but, how could it help my business? I did some research, hung out on some webinars and came out with some pretty bad ass viral marketing and YouTube secrets. Maybe not secrets to everyone but they sure were to me, since I didn’t know LOL.

First a brief overview as to why YouTube marketing is so hot.

It’s very powerful: People get to see and feel you talking. You can show your emotion for what you are describing or showing way better than attempting to portray it on paper.

YouTube is underused: Believe it or not, there aren’t many people using YouTube for marketing. The cold truth is, people are afraid to get in front of a camera.

Creates instant rapport: People are quick to judge others and easily pass by some flimsy writing. BUT a person being “Real” in front of a camera, that most people like.

SEO: It’s easy to rank on YouTube/Google because they are affiliated with each other, especially if you are linking your video and article together.

Your Keys to Success Using Viral Marketing and cool YouTube Secrets

Make sure you do your keyword research. I wrote a short article on that here and there is all kinds of articles all over the internet for that aspect. I will show you a couple of YouTube secrets you can use, throughout this article.

Backlinking is also important, that is a whole other subject. Please check out tools like Article Marketing Robot. These types of tools will kick your video all over the web.

You have chosen your keyword…Check these Nuggets out.

*Use your keyword in your title

*Use your keyword in your file name. the name of the file that you saved your video under. When you upload your video, Google and YouTube will pick that up

*Make you put a description in the appropriate box and use your keyword throughout. Like 4-5 sentences

*Time stamp your content. Below is a snapshot of what I am talking about. It’s a little blurry but you get the idea. See the numbers in blue, those are time stamps.

These are really simple tips, some I didn’t even think about. I had to share how easy viral marketing is with these so called YouTube secrets. I guess they aren’t secret anymore muahahaha.


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