Generating Leads from Network Marketing Social Site

Generating Leads from Network Marketing Social Site.

This is a very simple strategy to pick up leads from people that are currently in network marketing of some sort. Most of the time the people that you will find on these sites are in the same position you are. You can offer them your own business opportunity or WHAT I SUGGEST is to offer them an affiliate that you are working with that will help them generate leads for themselves.



Generating Leads

The Network Marketing Social Site that I chose for this exercise is Network Marketing Pro. It has a free option that you can use and it is all you need for this strategy I am going to show you. Here is my site to sign up. Very simple to do.

Anyway LOL, I went ahead and create a tutorial to show how simple generating leads from MNP and carrying them to Facebook is. As I was thinking about this article, I came up with another idea. Since you will be a member of MNP you can also get the email address off of their site and email them personally. This is a proven strategy that I have personally used to enrolled reps into my primary business. Below the video I will include a sample email for you to use. Short and simple. This is for email to email only. Not Facebook, if you want Facebook Training, I would suggest going here – Click Here for Free Facebook Training

Generating Leads

This strategy is a bit time consuming, understand that everyone person you talk to already has the right mindset of a Network Marketer, pretty cool.

Here is your email example:

Subject: Your Friend from MyNetworkingPro.

Hi “Name”

We are friends on MyNetworkingPro and I thought it would be cool to connect on a personal level. I have been generating leads with an attraction marketing system and wanted to share it with you. I don’t like to just send links to people because I don’t like to spam people. If you are happy with the amount of leads you are currently receiving, that’s cool maybe we can connect on Facebook.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Name.

It’s very simple and you can copy and paste it as many time as you want. It is personal and creates curiosity. Sometimes I will follow up with an email and just send them the link LOL. People respond. It’s cool.

Hope you received the value I am throwing at ya. Leave a comment.

“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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