Generate Leads On YouTube – 4 Crucial Components

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If you are doing videos, you may want to give this a look through. Videos are such an awesome way to connect with your audience. Besides, maybe it’s just me but it seems that people are more apt to go with a video tutorial over a blog post.

I like to follow a 4 component structure when creating videos.


Ask a question

Answer that question/Provide Value

Call To Action

If you want to generate leads on YouTube, I put those four points together with some extra points in the video below. I enjoyed putting this together.

Keep those videos booger free LOL. I love it. Hope you got some value out of that. Fee free to give me a shout out below.

“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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10 thoughts on “Generate Leads On YouTube – 4 Crucial Components

  1. Harrison Chung

    Awesome! Btw would you recommend sticking to one call to action or switching it around from time to time?

  2. Steven C. Krivda

    It's always about testing what is working. It's best to create your own give away but sometimes content will pull you towards something more specific.

  3. Anna

    Hey Steve!

    great vid, been thinking of starting to post videos and this is exactly what i needed to avoid rambling on with no point. looking forward to using your simple system.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome Anna, can’t wait to see it

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