7 Tips to Generate Leads on Facebook

7 Tips to Generate Leads on Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is an absolute Goldmine. Here’s a little secret for ya, most don’t know how to use Facebook to Generate Leads. If not used correctly, you will lose friends and FB privileges or even worse…get the BOOT. Keep in mind that FB IS a Social Networking Site and should be treated a such. Since you are obviously reading this because you want to create leads with Facebook and use it for your business, I took the liberty to put together some tips.

Profile and Timeline Pictures: Having a good profile picture is important. It’s the first thing that people see when they get any correspondence from you. Heck, even when they get an email notification, you profile picture is there. No need for the Suit and Tie picture…Keep it real.

The new timeline picture is cool too. Put something up of you having a good time, it will give that warm and fuzzy feeling when people see it. Another good idea is to put up a picture of you winning an award.

Like I stated above, keep it real and keep it simple. No need to go crazy.


Adding Friends: Adding friends seems like it would be easy enough, right? Well, with the way Facebook has cracked down on us Network Marketers, it has gotten tougher. Please don’t ‘blind’ friend people. You see, you only have a certain “magical” number of people that you can friend before Facebook puts a hold on your fun. I know, it’s a social site and you should be able to be social. I don’t get the rules, just try to follow them.

A good idea is to do a minute or two research on the person, send them a request and then follow up with a quick “Hello” email.


Likes and Comments: Now that you are getting your friends list up there, of like minded people, you should start interacting with them. Like their post and pictures. Definitely comment on them. It’s also cool to interact with their friends by liking their comments as well. You can also comment with “I totally agree Name” or “HaHa Name”. What this will do is put your face, name and presence out there for when you start sending request to those friends of friends. You will be recognized and friended back quickly, increasing your Sphere of Influence.


Pictures of Good Times: Post pictures of you having fun with friends, like fishing, going to the beach, golfing, etc… this is good, especially during the week. People will wonder what you are doing in the middle of the week, LOL. Posting pictures of you at event HUGE!!! This is showing that you are active in your business, people love that. It’s instant exposure, without being spammy.


Upload Videos: This goes along with the Pictures of Good Time with the exception of using video. Video is huge and whether people admit it or not, they will look at your stuff while they are at work. This is especially awesome when uploading videos from your events. Pictures are cool but videos tell the real story, the excitement and there is no guessing as to what is going on. Again it’s instant exposure, without being spammy.


Side note: The more interaction you have with your friends and the more your friends interact with your page, the more “Recognition” you get from Facebook. Making your post, pictures and videos a priority on your friend’s page.


Now that we laid the ground work. Let’s get to the fun.

Create Events:  No matter what you are doing, create an event. If you are going to a home meeting, attending a webinar, or hosting your own, post that event. It shows that you are engaged and moving your business in a positive direction. People want to be around motivated people. The ones that were sitting on the sidelines, waiting to “See how you are doing” will see that you are having a fun and doing some Movin and Shakin and become leads/prospects. Pretty cool right?

Here’s something about us Humans, we want to belong to stuff; groups, teams, etc… Why not be the leader of your awesome “Group” – Your Home Business.

Posting on Your Wall: ‘Sigh’ Okay, here’s the truth about all this. If you continually post on your wall, you might get a few straggling sign-ups. The reality is, you’ll almost never get the leaders to follow you. Spamming your own, isn’t a far reach from doing it to other people. Your friends will either unsubscribe to your post or flat out unfriend you, either way it’s no good. Also, Facebook will see you as a spammer and put you on the low priority comment list.

So, what do I suggest? Keep doing what you are doing in tips 1-6, that’s important. You will need to post Value. Not something that is valuable to you but valuable to the reader. Think about what your “Friends” would want to read. I am talking about your network marketing friends. Go from “Check out this awesome new Biz I am in www.Spam.com” to “Seven simple tips to explode your business on Facebook” or “Easy way to Generate Leads on Facebook”. These can be articles you have written or webinars that you have handy to give to people. You are now leading with value. This creates instant leads and WILL explode your business. Once you have complete trust of your readers and friends, it’s cool to post your business BUT, what I would suggest: Write an article/blog stating why you joined your company. See the difference?


Like I stated way, way above…It’s not hard to Generate Leads on Facebook, most people just need a little direction. Leading with Value will gain you a ticket to success, ask any Network Marketer that is making 5 figures a month and more.


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda



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  1. kihwaesi

    Steve powerful stuff here, i know for fact that these tips work thanks for sharing this info, i support this and endorse it!

    1. admin Post author

      Pretty cool man. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sigrid McNab

    Steve, what an awesome list of ways to generate leads on facebook. Lots of ways that I hadn’t even thought of! But you can be sure that I will be doing them now!
    Thanks so much for providing immense “value” that you speak about in your post.

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome Sigrid, thank YOU for reading.

  3. Steven Girard

    Steve you are awesome my friemd… hope you and your family have a great day thanks for the nuggets!

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      Thank you Steven, you’re a good friend

  4. Greg Agustin Jr.

    Great information and value here, Steve! You hit all the key points to generating leads on Facebook.. A must read for anyone looking to do this.. I appreciate the share, and look forward to your next post!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Greg. I really appreciate it.

  5. Larry Ainsworth

    Facebook is such a powerful force in everyone’s life these days that if we do not learn how to make it work for us, we are missing a huge opportunity; and if we don’t learn how to use it correctly, can do irrepairable damage.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes Larry, You “Get It”
      Keep Rockin

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