Free Vacation – Awesome

Free Vacation, that’s interesting – YES?

Everyone wants to go on vacation. So, why doesn’t it happen for everyone?

I can tell you the excuses I hear all the time. “I don’t have the time”   “I don’t have the money”  “I don’t like vacations“…Yes, you saw that right. I have actually been told that there are people that don’t like vacations. Here’s the funny thing about that. Here’s my response to them.

Me: Well, if you did want to go on vacation, where it would be?

Them: Jamaica!

Me: HaHa, that was a quick response. Are you saying that it would be cool to go to Jamaica?

Them: Yes.

Me: What you are really telling me is you would like to go but it’s just not in the cards right now?

Them: Sigh – Yes.

And there it is, EVERYONE wants to go on vacation, they most likely don’t have the means or don’t realize that you could either get it for free or and a wholesale price.

The video and link below will enter you into a Free Vacation Contest. No this isn’t a time share, it’s just a contest that my VIP Invite Only Travel Club has put out for us to show the greatness we have to offer. We are a “Word of Mouth” only club.


To enter the contest mentioned above just “CLICK HERE”

Pretty simple right? As you will find out, I am very transparent and live my life with integrity.

So, you will want to know that I will call you to verify that you aren’t some sort of spammer and that’s it.


Good luck and hope to see you on the next FREE VACATION


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“To Fun in the Sun”


Steve Krivda

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