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There are many ways to build your network marketing empire. From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkeIn, using the 3 foot rule, etc… Those are all greatMeetup_Logo ways to build and I love all of them. What I like to have is a local team working with me. That means, you have to talk to people in your geographical sphere of influence. This tends to freak people out. “You mean I have to talk to people in my town”

HaHa, yes. Building a local team is awesome and it shows others on your team that it’s possible to build with the people that you know already. It’s also very easy to duplicate, even on those with a limited budget.

Where does come in to play and how are you going to get free network market leads from a meeting?  It’s quite simple, actually.

Open up and create an account for yourself as they are free. All you need to do from here and find a local meeting that is within your niche. Check it out and make sure that it’s not already been inundated with your team and fill out their questionnaire to become a member. Be cool and honest with filling these out because they will smell your poo from a mile away. Besides, you don’t want to be deceitful.

When you are searching for your new Meetup, you are going to want to find something in your niche and not necessarily a Network Marketing Meetup. Once you found one, you are going to look to see when their next meeting is and attend.

Here’s where most people screw it up. They either start talking about the business right away in the chat section or go to the Meetup looking like a poster child for their product. You know who I’m talking about, the walking Billboard LOL. Walk in like any other person and I know this is going to sound crazy, but get to know people. You are going to be going around the room and talking with people for two reasons. One, it’s cool to get to know other people and Two, you are looking for people that you want to work with.

DO NOT BRING BUSINESS CARDS. This meeting is all about information gathering.nobusinesscard

Get other people’s business cards, emails, phone numbers, names and whatever else they want to give. Write the information down and put a little note next to their name. Something you will remember them by.

As people start asking back, what you do, you can respond a few different ways. You can spout out right away that you are a network marketer and ruin it all LOL, you can tell them about your full time J.O.B. or you can come up with something that may cause a bit of curiosity.

In my case, it’s a Wholesale, Invite only Travel Club that offers 4-5 Star Vacations at 2-3 Star rates. That’s not what I would say at one of the Meetup meetings. I would say something like, “I’m a Marketer” and leave it at that.

The next day or two, depending on how many contacts your picked up. You are going to call them and let them know that it was nice meeting them and drop back on something that you remember or jotted down. Maybe even ask them how you can help them in whatever line of work they are in. When the time is right, you bring up your business with something like. “John, you seem like a real sharp guy, I’d like to bounce something off of you, if you don’t mind. Are you somewhere near a computer?” If they say yes, give them your presentation to review and set up a follow up appt…preferably within 5 minutes after the projected end of the presentation. If they aren’t around their computer, set up a time when they are and create the appt. See above for the rest.

Rinse and Repeat.

Getting free network marketing leads is easy duplicate because is just takes the know how, especially when you take the budget out of the scene.


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