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How to Generate Facebook Leads for any business.

Facebook is probably the easiest way to market any business. The problem that I see is that people don’t know how to market. It used to be that you could just post your link on your page and people would click on it, no problem. Well, there were some underhanded people that started taking advantage of this and put up spam links and viruses, etc… Not Cool.

Of course people are now leery on what they click on. Heck, I am too. Something that a lot of marketers forget is Facebook is a social networking site. So, you have to make contact with the person first. Who? That’s pretty simple.

Contacting Facebook Leads:

*Go to the top of your video and type in whatever person you are targeting and tons of groups are going to come up.

*Go to that group and start commenting/liking people in the group.

*Send friend requests once you have commented or liked someone. Here’s the kicker, send them a private message too.

*Once they become your friend, you can engage them through 2-4 email exchanges. Ask them what they and other lead questions that will help you understand how you can help them with your product.

*Before you send them a link, it is the right thing to do to ask if they would like to see your information. Something like “Cool, I can share my ______ with you, if you like…no big deal”

Then it just becomes a follow-up. I know that I have simplified this but, it really isn’t much harder than that.


Obviously, I have over-simplified this to a certain extent. I could write a book on all the Facebook training. Rather than that, I decided to give it to you in a video. As the video above states, pretty specifically, click on this link LOL. Anyone that knows me, understands that I am not a just a LINK PUSHER, well…At least not without providing value first. Understand this, this video is worth hundreds IF NOT thousands to the person who puts the strategies in play from this clip.

It will take you to a Facebook specific training that will show you how the Big Dogs are playing – STEP BY STEP

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Steve Krivda

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