3 Steps To Crush Fear of Creating Video

Crush Fear of Creating Video
No More Camera Fear








One of the biggest, if not biggest fears that people have…Speaking publicly. From what I understand, it’s even bigger than death. So, when it comes to getting in front of a camera, I get it. You don’t have the eyes looking at you but it sure feels like it.

Fear is an interesting feeling. It can keep us from danger as well as keep us from greatness. I’m not talking about being cautious, I’m talking about being afraid. Fear is the prediction of the future that hasn’t happened yet. It’s predetermining an outcome.

When it comes to the camera we are assuming that people are judging our looks, camera quality, sound and how we enunciate our words. In the Video Below, I outline 3 simple things that will help YOU Crush the fear of creating video and get YOUR VOICE out to make an impact.

You are now equipped to create videos that make an impact and have the ability get your voice and make an impact. 
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8 thoughts on “3 Steps To Crush Fear of Creating Video

  1. Alex Bender

    cheers mate – I was scred shitless of video – i guess i still am – these 3 tips are awesome – you’re right – its way more important about the value & the message

  2. Mike Marko

    Well said Steven! I was also afraid of cameras particularly with video cams. Maybe the lack of self confidence is the reason why. So when I overcome it, I can’t hold my self but take a smile from what I became now. Just be yourself! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Right on Mike. Love this!!

  3. Sheena Yap Chan

    awesome tips steven for crushing the fear of video marketing. i used to have a fear until i conquered it too

  4. Mansi Padhya

    Great tips and awesome tips steven for crushing the fear of video marketing.
    Thanks for sharing informative post.

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  6. Annabel Collins

    Great video. I got point #2 but couldn't make out #1 and #3. Do you have caption or wording you can send me so I'll have the complete picture? I'm feeling empowered. Thanks

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