Facebook Marketing Plan – 3 Things To Avoid

Facebook Marketing Plan
facebook marketing Plan


Whether you’ve been a marketer for 10 days or 10 years, it’s important to keep all marketing strategies in perspective. Not our perspective but the perspective of others. It’s a natural occurrence for us to assume that others will be excited about the same things that excite us. Anyone that knows me, won’t be surprised that I’ve made this mistake in the past. I’m an excitable guy, however, this has crushed a multitude of chances for me to have a conversation with those in my circle.

Typically, you’re told to come up with a Facebook marketing plan to follow in our daily mode of operation. A list of activities to follow as a bare minimum for each day. From time to time, we’ll receive some extraordinary news that gets you salivating with excitement. Below are a few examples of what not to do and some simple solutions.

Sooner or later, if you have a decent product, a celebrity is going to come into the mix with your company. This just happened with the company I’m with. It’s exciting and can give You the confidence to go out and speak with all those that you may have missed. It also causes something else… The Announcement Post. “Look who just joined our company. I told you it was legit. Join now before it’s too late at UserName.SuperCompany.com” Though, this seems like a no brainer to most of us, it turns a lot of people that you’re prospecting off.
A better post might be “Pretty cool to welcome “Celebrity” to the team, this is so much fun” Leaving out the company and the links. Or better, send a message to some that might be a fan of this celebrity a quick message. “Just a quick note, Celebrity just joined our club” The key here is to peak curiosity and increase social proof.

Unsolicited Links
You might not believe it, people still send links in the first or second message. Of course, this is annoying but, there’s more to it. We Can Not Serve people until we know how to serve them. Assuming someone would “Need help” in their life is offensive. We must first create the need through asking questions and with active listening. Once we feel there is need that could be filled with our product, service or opportunity, we can offer a solution. Even in this case, ask permission first. The conversation is literally 2-3 minutes, that’s it.

Insulting Your Prospect
I just recently had someone pitch me on the first message and tell me that if I say “No”, I’m not only saying “No” to their business but also to my family and their goals too. I responded with a simple question and then came the link…Sigh. I have to say it again, if they would have a 2-3 minute conversation with me, I would have entertained the information. I’m typically open to hearing people, especially if it’s something that seemed cool. I offered some free coaching and it was declined. No problem, saved me time, LOL. That approach will most likely burn bridges for any future business ventures.

In the last two examples, it comes down to a simple invite. In the Complete Home Business Handbook, there is a training on inviting used by million dollar earners. Today, you can have that for free.

Serving must be the number one item on the list when creating a Facebook Marketing Plan. It’s always easy, as we can get impatient. I will say this, if you are patient, you’ll reach more and your following will reach beyond anything you could have ever imagine.

“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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9 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing Plan – 3 Things To Avoid

  1. Kenny Santos

    It’s important to be likable. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Being spammy or insulting your prospect just isn’t being pleasant.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      You got it Michelle

  2. Rory Singh

    Yes Facebook can be effective if done right. New marketers are very anxious to share their business and many still don’t understand how to market themselves effectively yet. Thanks for the tips Steve!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      I know it bro! thanks man

  3. Chrissy

    Thanks Steve for the tips! It’s because of leaders like you that so many learn the right way.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      You’re awesome Chrissy

  4. Lorraine Menza

    So true, Steve. Facebook is about making connections with others, and showing interest in what they do and what they have to say!

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