Facebook Marketing – Increase Facebook Message Engagement

Facebook Marketing – Increasing Engagement
Facebook marketing


Have you ever sent someone a Facebook message and all you got back was a “Read” response? As frustrating as this can be, we must remember that there’s probably more to it than we know. Have you ever read an email and said to yourself “I’ll get back to this in a moment” and the next thing you know, days go by? The Facebook message can be powerful, we just have to remember other people are just as busy as you.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, you’re running your business and looking to expand, there is a sense of urgency. 

There are couple scenarios when it comes to messaging on Facebook.

Scenario #1: The initial contact of saying hello and building rapport. 
The typical mistake here would be overdoing it. Saying too much in the beginning. Using words such as “Like Minded” and “Business Minded People”. These terms scream that the pitch is coming. Think about what you would say to someone that you just met at a party. You would say hello. 
I am not a big fan of randomly friending people. I would see someone in a group, see a comment that I liked and tell them that I saw it. “Hey Bob, saw your comment on Tony Robbin’s post and figured I would send you a friend request, hope you don’t mind”
That’s it, keep it simple.  Your goal here is to create rapport quickly in order to move this conversation to the phone. To do that, you can use these simple words. “Are you cool with jumping on the phone real quick?” Of course, use your own typical language. 

Scenario #2: The follow up. 
You get back with your person at the scheduled time and nothing, except a ‘Read 12:35’. Keep in mind that there are times when this is legitimate and sometimes, not so much LOL.
There’s no sense in badgering this person. If you are tracking your messages you will know who has and has not responded. A non-response is not a No. Everyone gets busy. 

How can you re-engage with these two scenarios? It’s simple. Act cool. Something like “Hope you had a great day” “Hope you had a great week or weekend” or bring up something that you saw that they did. Typical conversation that you would have with someone that you hadn’t spoken to in a bit. 
The reason for this message is for low resistance and to get the person to go back to the last message. You’d be surprised how many people that have come back to purchase from me using this strategy. Neat thing here, you stay in integrity. 

The Phone Conversation: Leave all agendas at the door. Go in to the conversation completely open to where it takes you. A lot of we go into a conversation
Tracking: Track every single person you talk to and / or start a conversation with. There have been times that my follow up was not up to par and that person ended up on someone elses team. Not fun.

If we keep it real, authentic and with integrity, we’ll always come out on top. 

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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  1. Adewale Adebusoye

    Acting cool and unflustered will also help keep you postured when talking to the prospect on FB. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kay Somji

    Great tips to increase engagement Steve. I love the follow up part, it's so crucial.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Yea, Facebook can be a gold mine or a money pit

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