Facebook Fanpage – Increase Likes and Engagement

facebook popularI got 10 “Likes” on my Facebook Fanpage!

Now I have 30, 40, 50, 75, 78, 79, 79…79 HEY! What happened? You know what happened, LOL. All your friends stopped liking your page. Hey, I’ve been there. We all ask our friends to “Like” our pages. At some point, you need to start getting some people within your niche to populate your page.

Increase Likes on Your Facebook Fanpage

There are all sorts of ways to increase your page population. There’s Fiverr.com, you can go to individual pages and like their pages in hopes that they will like you back, you can use twitter to bounce people back to your page, etc…

While these are okay ways to get “Likes”, they aren’t targeted people. And for crying out loud, it takes a long time. I am talking about Paid Advertisement…arrrrggghh. LOL Don’t freak out.

Promoting your page is very inexpensive. I created my latest campaigns using a $5 per day budget and in a few days, I increased my Facebook Fanpage base by over 10%, in a few days, pretty cool.

Increasing Facebook Fanpage Engagement

You increase engagement by being engaged, LOL.

You will need to post at least 8-10 times a day. Post about 85% Value. Inspirational message, training videos, motivational pictures, etc…
Post about 15% your own links.
Reply to people when the comment.
It’s okay to ask people to share your content. Because that’s fun


I outline all of the above in the video below. I hope you get some value out of it. I was battling the sun in my eyes.

That’s pretty cool right? Easy enough for anyone to do.


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Steve Krivda


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