Facebook Business Page – 2 Simple Tips To More Likes

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So you have your Facebook business all set up, you’re posting value in it and feeling pretty great. Next thing you do is go through your people on your personal account and start inviting people you think would find value in what you’re presenting. 

Everyone you invite “Likes” you page…awesome. You look and you only have around 200 “Likes” to your page. Not a bad start but now what? Advertising can be so expensive, heck I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to receive a few “Likes” here and there but still no leads.

If you have dealt with this, you’re in luck. The tips I present below are going to help you get better conversions, better click through rates and at a lower cost.

Facebook Business Page Tips

Pretty simple stuff to save your marketing budget. Just like advertised in my video above, here is your 4 page PDF Download for free to get you moving on your path to Facebook Business Page Populating. SteveKrivda.com/FreeFacebookPDF

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Business Page – 2 Simple Tips To More Likes

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Shannon, appreciate you

  1. Robert Frank

    Hey Steve, really appreciate your video today and the little tweaks for facebook ad marketing. Definite increase in results and save a few ad dollars in the process! 🙂

  2. Alex Ford Acevedo

    Great tips! Never knew how different the mentality between mobile/cell and computer was. Will definitely be implementing this!

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