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Facebook advertising is the big thing these days. If you are on facebook and have any friends that are in a business of some sort, you will see advertising. The problem with facebook advertising is, people have no idea how to do it.


 The first thing with advertising on facebook is to clean up your page. Get rid of the Animal Farm, Mafia, Poker, etc… all that kind of stuff that will put people off from going to your page.

Be positive. There is enough negativity in this world without having to see it from your friends. Talking about how your life stinks or “How can things get any worse”. People will not only stop coming to your page but even unfriend you. People like happy people whether they admit it or not.

Don’t Spam your own page, LOL. Again, no buddy wants to come to your page and see a bunch of links all the time. There are so many virus’ out there today that people most likely won’t click on your links anyway. I am not saying that you shouldn’t facebook advertising but, you have to know that your friend will know you well enough to click on the links.

You want to attract people that you want to be around. Using facebook advertising for your business is only going to work if the people that you are targeting are seeing what you are promoting. The few tips above will help your be attractive to your friends. This doesn’t mean to alienate your real friends, just be cool about it.

Be genuine. People can see through your line of crap. I personally like to talk about my day, post pictures about my family, post inspirational quotes. You know, have fun with facebook. You Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be all about posting links, it’s facebook not a giant advertising billboard.


There is also facebook pay-per-click. Click here to find out more about that gold mind

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