Top Secret Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Advertising TipsFacebook Advertising Tips

Have you considered advertising on Facebook but shied away because of all the horror stories? Facebook can be such a lucrative way to run your business, you just have to know what to follow and what to avoid. I personally know people that have created empires using Facebook Advertising. So, why can’t you as well?

Facebook has a Policies and Procedures Document that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to read and follow. There are also some specifics that cannot be over looked. I went ahead and created the video below showcasing some pretty serious lessons I’ve learned over the 9 days that will def keep you out of hot water.

Facebook Advertising Tips

Learn from my go around and stay out of hot water 🙂
If you want the Keywords to avoid, you can go here

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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13 thoughts on “Top Secret Facebook Advertising Tips

  1. Angela Rios-Munsinger

    Ahhhh, this makes a little more sense to me now. I am new to fb advertising. Never run an ad ever, just boosted some posts to test it out. One ad did not get approved, and I deleted it, and never used any "red flag" keywords again…actually the word was in my image and I just overlooked it. But it was the ONLY thing that every appeared not to be generic training. I had only boosted 2 posts in my lifetime, and had only been running a likes ad for 3 weeks.

    There was a 2 week period I had nothing running, and suddenly got the notice that they were shutting down my ability to run ads. I was confused because I hadn't even run anything for more than 2 weeks. Seemed a little excessive to me, since I had barely started using fb ads in the first place, but nonetheless, I have been kicked out. Thanks for posting this video…very helpful, and great information!!!

  2. Jenni Ryan

    Aggh after years of my Facebook ads having no issues, last week my account got shut down and all I had been doing was boosting posts on my fan page. Must have been a trigger word they didnt like! Aggh back to finding other ways.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Oh man, sorry to hear that Jenni

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Sweet, appreciate you

  3. Lynda Kenny

    Thanks for this great info Steve. I've never had my ad account shut down and hope I never do!

  4. Ron Deering

    You always post such great value Steve…. thanks for sharing these facebook tips….

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thanks Ron, appreciate you

  5. Ron Deering

    You always post such great value Steve…. thanks for sharing these facebook tips….

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