Explode Your Business With Story

light blueYou can sell anything with the right story.

Think about the big ticket items that you’ve purchased within the past couple of years. What were the points that swayed you to go from the sit on the floor TV to the Flat Screen that’s sitting on the wall right now?

It’s that feeling of “Coolness”
It’s how awesome it is when your friends come over and say “Wow, nice TV”
or “Hey man, did you get a new car….Nice!”

Let’s face it, if we bought from “need”, we would all be in little solar powered cars, living in houses, half of what we are in now and growing our own fruits and veggies.

We’re now, because we love to tell people about our stuff and we love to feel good.

Watch the video below and see how I bring this together and put it to work for your Network Marketing Business!

Make sure and reach out to me and let’s spend a few minutes crafting something up for you.

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“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda


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4 thoughts on “Explode Your Business With Story

  1. Daneece Romine Hernandez

    Thanks so much for that video. Your examples really helped me understand what a difference stories make. You made it look so simple. Everyone is sells should watch this!

  2. Angel Balichowski

    This was awesome, thanks for the tips! That story would have sold me on the Life Insurance too! And that Call to Action was smooooooooth! Way to go! =)

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