Evelyn Keller

Session #1 of #5 09-20-17


Walking away from job, see below.
Looking forward to being “Free”
Evelyn Keller-Facebook Fanpage: 12,523 from 8,433 last session… (Started at 2,310 08-22-17)
Health & Wellness Fanpage: 11,000 from 6,998 (Started 343 last session 08-22-17) $87

Meeting with counselors at job. Walking away.

What to Focus on:
Growing team and helping team getting results
*WV – Has one member
**Was with Valentus. Speak to old team to inform them where Evelyn has gone.
*MLSP – 2 active members

Immediate Product:
Target market
3 step set up
objection handling

Cold Calls:
See minute mark 21:00 for calling script
Call people with Service mentality.
*add them to special get-response list

Email List 5 x’s per week.
Content goes here.
Promotions – MLSP Tues/Wed Webinars
Use past Facebook Lives… Give link to Facebook Live
*Freedom Friday – Travel Tips
**PS with travel would be “Everyone Loves Travel. Time/Money seems to be the holding point. Remove those hold-ups here… <Link>”

Content to grow to erupt out of the gate:
Tips / Tricks to grow business
Empowering People
Basic Marketing Tips…

Limitations from Worker’s Comp:
No Lives
No posts that look like business on personal page

Product For Future:
How To Grow your Fanpage
by 10,000 Fans in 30 Days for under $0.01 per Like
FB Fanpage
Target Market

14 day goals:
Speak to Valentus team to let them know where you’ve gone
Start Calling 10,000 Leads
Email list 4-5 times per week with value
Create content: Video and Blog posts
Work on simple invite, etc product per above


Session #5 of #5 09-07-17


Evelyn Keller-Facebook Fanpage: 8,433 from 5,622 last session… (Started at 2,310 08-22-17) Total spend $31.59 = $.01 per like
Health & Wellness Fanpage: 6,998 from 4,060 (Started 343 last session 08-22-17)
Total spend $31.50 = $.10 per like
Keyword “Like to spread the love” image is Heart

What to do with new fans:
Now to run new “Likes” campaign
Continue to run value to pages

Intentions of ad:
Provide value
Increase interaction
To help others learn how to market
*Run ad with giveaway attached to it:
Run ad to current fans with Opp. to receive free affirmation PDF (Brain eater pic)

***Next Session***
Work on webinar and product… Possible Course
Run ad for WorldVentures

Session #4 of #5 08-31-17


Evelyn Keller-Facebook Fanpage: 5,622 from 2,310 last session…
Health & Wellness Fanpage: 4,060 from 343 last session…
Engagement is up by 82% compared to 7 days ago…
Conversations at 3 per day. Most are from the ‘job post’ ad
*Reach out. Schedule call. Call to see if fit.
Not getting discouraged when performing activities. Focusing on “Person I’m supposed to be”
Doing great with Gil!!! Conversations are so much different… 180* change.

7 Day Goals:
Increase speaking with people – More proficient
*Increasing value input to conversation
Get Steve a testimony… Video and 2-3 sentences
Building Audience: (Waiting on disability issue to do FB Lives)
*Continue adding to Biz fb pages
*Adding 20 ppl per day to personal fb page
**As of now, sending welcome message
***Back in the game of massive prospecting Sunday the 3rd
Engaging List: #1 Send out quick email talking about your week so far. #2 Coming back with a vengeance. Looking for your help in content creation…
Sell: MLSP and WV – Prospecting

Forecast: Creating product from C&T product…

Session #3 of #5 08-22-17


Consistent with 20 conversations
Consistent with Facebook Page
*FB.com/EvelynKeller +(1,200) to 2,310
*FB.com/ +(230) to 343
Image that represents “Love” “Like to share the Love” US/Worldwide excluding California to Keyword (Love)
Still having conversations with Gil. Going great!! Created a trigger…Pinky touch
Emailed List

Conversations are “Still a little bit tricky”

Intentions for today:
Increase consistency
*I talk myself out of things and get discouraged when things don’t go as I expected
**Remove attention from results and focus on actions. Results are only good for analyzing

Conversations – Wants to take them on the phone – hesitating

Homework/7 Day Goals:
Next 5 FB conversations – intention is to get on phone.
3 YouTube Videos
Create avatar here… Avatar Worksheet 05-16-17

Build: FB Page, FB Personal
Engage: Speaking to people
Sell: Close leads See HBSF Closing Module

Session #2 of #5 08-17-17


Did homework:
To Gil:
Manage anger
Hug me just because
EK to stick up for self
I’m not a little girl
I am an equal

“What do you think…”

Future Evelyn:
“I’m so proud you stuck it out”
“Time to take it to the next level”
“Where can I find people to grow my business”

I’m attracting people that require a lot of hand holding…

Breaking through that “Not being enough” <– I’m the only one that has the power to change
“I am enough!!”
Found “My Choice”

What are EK’s Intentions for today?
*Get more backbone & strength and implement
**Be the person that follow’s through and helps people**
*Grow business the right way*

What does backbone mean?
*know what you know
**with family – now present!

Not present with current marketing – because focusing on too much

7 day goals:
Speak to 20 people per day… Follow 20 people+ per day. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity…
Add FB Lives to all channels…
Create YouTube Channel
Do one YouTube Video per day and optimize it
Organize notes from event
Implement Bert’s “Life Speak”
Come up with plan – similar to what Michelle Coneally did

Saying “No” is okay…

Session #1 of #5 08-02-17


Intentions for these 5 sessions:
Get to place to trust self to move as Evelyn knows how to run her business.
Improve effectiveness of business connections

“Finally” Wrote letter to mom today. 3 pages
All sorts of stuff came up.
Had been blaming mom for stuff for things that happened from back when 15yrs old.
***Boyfriend had kept breaking up and getting back together (chose friends over Evelyn)
****Created a ‘not enough’ feeling
Decisions made in life based on 15yr old time… Created trust issues
Read the letter 5 times… able to put it aside and say “That’s That”

See above for more information on 1st husband
*First husband asked and EK, said yes because of fear of loss.

*The feeling of “Not Enough” had been carried for a long time.

Trust may be an issue… Possibly self?

Gil – Common Law Marriage – Together continuously  10 years
*Still carrying mis-trust. More of not trusting self…Carries over into relationship with Gil
**Gil may have a temper…
***Gil apologizes and Evelyn replies “It’s okay” <— Let him know how you feel

After bringing up SK and DK trust
Maybe it’s a trust of EK trusting self…
*Maybe relationship wouldn’t change. Wouldn’t be different with others “I’m still here”

Where does EK see the breakdown?
When Gil is late… Doesn’t trust where he is. Worried about bringing it up

Evelyn of Trust…What sort of characteristics
A DMO and sticks to it
A person that believes that the deserve success
Someone that follows through
Money producing activities

Look at expectations of Gil and write them down. Are they realistic to Gil
*What is so important?

What does EK want to do for her business?
How to communicate with Audience?

What is Evelyn Passionate about?
And how to bring it out to audience

EK from 3 years from now as a successful person…
*What do think that future EK would say to you?
***What would be the response…
*What would you ask that future EK? <–Two part question
*What would be the response?

What would Gil have to do in order for you trust him?