Entrepreneurial Success – Defining Hustle

Entrepreneurial Success – Defining Your Hustle
Entrepreneurial success


If you’re an entrepreneur, then you most likely have heard of “The Hustle”. It comes in all forms from ‘Going all in’ to ‘Putting in your season’. While this sounds exciting, what does it actually mean? Your entrepreneurial success relies on how you define it for yourself.

I have seen people run day in and day out, 12-16 hours a day and yield little results. All that will do is create frustration, anger and eventually another victim to the statistics of failure…AKA Quitting. One of the biggest issue I see is burnout. Lots of action minus the intended results.
One reason is from setting unreasonable goals and the other could be the action steps. What I recommend in both of these instances, consulting with a business coach. Let them advise you on the right steps to take to create your results and Be Coachable.

All that said, the word “Hustle” doesn’t necessarily mean to keep busy all day. It’s a mindset of moving forward. Your actions are going to vary depending on your immediate goal. Most entrepreneurs feel as if they need to get busy, doing anything. That is not necessarily true.

If you are in need of instant revenue, your focus should be on connecting, presenting and collecting a decision. It’s easy to get tied up in busy work and to be honest, it feels good to be busy, unless you need revenue now.

If you’re looking to build network, then your focus is going to be on providing value to the market place in exchange for names and email addresses. Pretty simple.

If you’re in need of both, then you know the answer to that.

I realize in the examples above, hustle wasn’t included in part of the equation. That’s because, your urgency is the element I can’t predict. However, it’s all the same.

Your end goal is what is going to define your hustle and how fast you want it to come to fruition. If you have been running a race and feel like you’re not going anywhere, I would suggest taking the rest of today off and figure out what you want and how much time per day you want to devote to your business. Get a clear vision of where you are looking to go and get “Specific” busy…Eliminate the busy work. 

Gary Vaynerchuk says it best with the following from his recent book “#AskGaryVee” It’s wicked good. 
“It’s about putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand”
It’s making every minute count. Every. Single. Minute.
Notice how he didn’t talk about working 24 hours in one day?

Be aware of your time, energy and focus. 

How to create a solid game plan.
Create your vision of what you want. This is to created on paper, written with pen/pencil. This locks you into your words. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t get there. 

Decide the avenue you want to take to get to this end goal. Social media, prospecting, blogging, advertising, etc… Find out everything you can about your strategy. Do Not Leave A Piece Out! In other words, be coachable to the methods, no matter what the voices are telling you. Stick with that one thing until you are getting results. Then you may add another element. 

Create a schedule of when you are committed to putting in the work. Shut out all distractions and make every minute count. You don’t have the luxury of sitting around waiting for things to happen. 

When you have these three elements in order, you can then get your Hustle On! Entrepreneurial success is accessible to anyone and everyone that’s willing to put in the time. The issue typically comes down to Plan and Action, here you have both. 

Hope you received value today. Holla down below…

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  1. Kay Somji

    Presentations and decisions are what drives progress and team building. All the strategies in the world won’t do anything, if we’re not driving these 2 things! Thanks for keepin it real! I also find that having your game plan on paper makes it more concrete and easier to follow.

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