Enroll More Reps By Perfecting This Video #2

set_it_up_wide2Enroll More Reps By Setting It Up

Okay, so you have the person in front of your presentation. Now what do you do? Most people when they sit down to watch your deal, they are somewhere else. They’re thinking about dinner, lunch, getting back to work…anything else but being present with you and what you’re all about.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get the attention of your prospect and have them glued to your presentation. There needs to be emotion behind why they are sitting there, there needs to be more than just a song and dance show. We need to have them identify with what we’re showing them.

It’s then… when we have their minds truly open.

Enroll More Reps

Pretty cool, yes? Practice this in the mirror, in the car, with a friend, record it…whatever you need to do to get this down pat. It’s going to change the way you present forever.

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  1. Kari Rammel Vehorn

    Thank you, thank you…This is something that is always good to hear again and again and again! Practice makes perfect, right?!? Thank you for the value you give!

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