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TrustEnroll More Reps

Ever wonder how some people can enroll twice as many as others, while talking with half as many people? You hear things like “They’re just a natural at talking with people” or better yet “They’re just lucky”  While those statements might be true in some instances, it’s not for the majority.

Understanding how to talk with people is an acquired skill, something that I am going to always continue to improve. You see, closing someone isn’t about coercing, convincing, begging or pleading. It’s finding out how we can best serve with our product or service. The only way we can do that is to ask questions.

The problem that most run into, is getting an honest answer. How we get to that point is to identify and building rapport with the person. In the video below, I discuss just that. Building relationships immediately.

Enroll More Reps

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Steve Krivda

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2 thoughts on “Enroll More Reps – Advance Closing Tips

  1. Ron Deering

    Love that concept of voice mimicking …. that has worked great for me in the past…. have to start remembering to use that again… Thanks Steve..

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