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Have you wanted to talk to the people closest to you about your home business but not sure the best way to go about it? For most, this process is absolutely nerve racking. I get it, as soon as we make out list, we start second guess what we’re doing. Second guessing who we want to talk to and second guess ourselves. Honestly, it comes down to belief.

Belief in oneself is a subject that we’ll touch base on later as the process we’ll discuss here will bring about your confidence to present like a rock star.

First, I love home meetings. They’re fun, you get to hang with you friends and get to showcase your new business to multiple people at once. Where resistance comes in, is in the invite. What to say to get your people to a “Party” without giving away the farm.
As much as I dig home parties, it’s a good idea to wait a week or two prior to hosting one. Here’s why. How many of your friends would meet with you if you asked for a few minutes of their time to catch up on some fun/cool/new/exciting things going on in your life? Whether it’s for coffee, a beer or you’re coming over.
Once you’ve done this a few times, you have a small team working. You and 2-3 of your friends inviting 1-2 people can fill a room quickly. Rinse and Repeat.

Text: “Coffee this week?”    “You busy today?”    “I’m down the street from your house, you busy?” You get the drift. Short, sweet and to the point. When/If they ask what’s up. “To catch up on some fun/cool/new/exciting things going on in my life” or some variation.
Phone: Hey Bob, only have a couple second, want to see if…see above for examples.
I give deep explanations in my Home Business Handbook. You may want to grab a free copy of that J

This is where we really love to screw it up, haha.
We talk too much. We love to Pre-Present. This is not the time for that. The only thing you should be doing here is setting up the presentation with your 3 Step Set-up.
These Three Steps
*Brief background of where you came from and Why you were looking
*You’ve done your research
*You’re all in and doing it with or without them
Again for specific example, see my Handbook.

Start your presentation: Video, pamphlet, PowerPoint, napkin or however you present.

As the presentation closes, the nerves are kick in. The word vomit starts. You may feel at this point, to re-present, “To be sure” they got it all.
All you have to do from here is ask for the sale. Some examples:
I always ask what they liked best and repeat it as we are closing down.
“That was awesome right?” “Did you have any questions or are you ready to get started right now?”
“Now you can see why I needed to talk to you, let’s lock arms and rock this thing together”
“That was awesome right?” “From what you said you liked, sounds like you’re ready to get started”
I go over in detail, how this works in my  Home Business Handbook. Again, a free gift to you.

This s a process that a well named company has been using for years and is a proven, easy to follow process.

I can’t wait to hear about your success stories.
“The Authentic Marketer”
Steve Krivda

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7 thoughts on “Effectively Grow Local Home Business

  1. Kay Somji

    So simple but many of us tend to overcomplicate it like you said. Since focusing online, I’ve neglected my local market, I really enjoyed doing it, but I wasn’t very successful at finding the right people. With this approach I should be able to get back into it.

    Cheers bro.

  2. Rory Singh

    Your hand book looks like a much needed guide for people who want to pursue their ‘local’ market. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kenny Santos

    Steve, Great idea to wait a week or 2 before you hold a home meeting. I like the idea of having a team build for a meeting rather than just you. Thanks for the golden nugget.

  4. Mike Marko

    Great output! I mean, its really hard to start a business locally but with a correct plan, I will happen. Thanks Steve!

  5. Lisa Torres

    Excellent info on effectively growing local home business. So many people need this freedom! 🙂

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