Eco Power Partners | Eco Power Partners Review

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Eco Power Partners

A buddy of mine asked me about a company called Eco Power Partners. So I did some research and put together this quick review, hope ya like it.

Eco Power Partners, LLC is a direct sales company founded in June 2011

They represent numerous providers of retail electricity and natural gas for both commercial and residential accounts in deregulated markets. So Far Eco Power is doing business in 11 states.

What they do is work with licensed Retail Energy Providers to bring customers a choice of who provides their energy supply.

Eco Power Partners help commercial customers make informed energy purchasing decisions by explaining contract terms, contract types, and the different programs available, and connecting them with the right supplier at the lowest possible rate.

Something cool, Eco Power also has a 100% renewable green energy option.

Eco Power Partners Company Goals

From the company website: “Our goal is to help you, the energy consumer, with multiple products, services, and information related to Electricity, Natural Gas and Energy Savings. We are devoted to help accomplish what the deregulation of electricity markets was created for – to lower the electricity bills of our customers. We also believe that competitive electricity markets create a more efficient, customer oriented marketplace that will result in innovative products and services that benefit the consumer.”

Eco Power Partners Options for Enrollment

There is no cost to join Eco Power Partners. It is 100% free to sign up and there are no monthly or annual fees.

Eco Power Partners Compensation Plan

Eco Power pays its Consultants a Cash Acquisition Bonus of $10.00 to $20.00 each time a customer becomes active. Consultants are paid 50% commission on all commercial energy sales over 5K of Kilo Watt Hours. Eco Power Consultants can build a team and earn additional commissions up to 5 levels in the company’s Unilevel compensation plan, as well as various bonuses based on rank.

So there you have it, in a nutshell LOL.

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