Does your Alexa Rating or Alexa Ranking Matter

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Does your Alexa Rating or Alexa Ranking Matter?

That’s a pretty interesting question. Let me share with you who crazy things can get for you as a network marketer. We can get obsessed with ranking and moving up in popularity, that we totally forget what this is all about. Almost two years ago, I decided to start writing article. It was fun, heck it still is. I get to take stuff that I have learned over the years and share it with people. Anyway, back on track here. I was writing in my blog just about every day. Then someone showed me They said that I could follow how well my blog is doing by seeing where I ranked in the world and the country. So, I started to watch my numbers climb, gaining popularity with every  article that I wrote. It was awesome, finally I am doing something and seeing results. But was I? Was I getting the results I was looking for? Nope!

Anyway Alexa Rating or Alexa Ranking is good for one thing.

That thing, is to check your ranking. It doesn’t judge your content, your blog appearance or your LEADS. Yes, there are good things to look out for with Alexa but, that is way further down the road and when you get there, you won’t care what your Alexa Rating is, LOL. Following your raking is cool and a good tool to see how long people are on your site, if they bounce after one view, etc… When you are looking at tools for strategies and then look at your results.

I had an ever increasing Alexa Ranking but I wasn’t getting what I set out to get…and that’s leads. I took a step back and re-evaluated myself. Now I am getting leads on a continual basis and having new people sign-up on autopilot, pretty cool right?


Does your Alexa Rating or Alexa Ranking Matter?

In my humble opinion, not really. You need to look at your results. If you are getting your desired result then awesome, if you aren’t then what does it matter how popular your blog is?

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