Dealing with and understanding Rejection.


LOL, yea. That’s what people think about the dirty word “Rejection”. It’s a funny thing, as humans we look for acceptance from our peers. You can think about some things you did today. You did stuff to satisfy someone close to you for no reason but acceptance. Don’t worry it’s normal LOL.

So how do you get around it?

Here’s something you need to understand first: You need to not care what the person thinks. Alright, you are checking out the person you thought was cute. Your heart is pounding, you are feeling your temperature rise, you can actually feel the sweat coming from every pour. It’s an awesome feeling BUT, it is something that will make you stop in your tracks. THAT is the emotion that you need to control. THAT is the place in your life you NEED to have control over. Once you have control over that aspect of your life, you can DO ANYTHING. Rejection will be a part of you past.

Now back with , approach to the CUTIE you were “thinking” about talking to. Here are your choices…you can walk away and never know what that person was going to say. OR you can walk right up to that person and say “HI”. No “Lines” no “Fishy sayings” no “Hype”, just you saying hello to someone.

You see, just by being you, you have an upper hand over most people and your chances of a positive response is increasing by the second.

CHECK THIS OUT: If the Hotty you were talking say “NOOO”. Big deal, what was lost? 30 seconds? What do you really care. That person doesn’t know you so WHO CARES!!! You have just gained a wealth of experience. This is something that cannot be taught. “Rejection” is not always a bad thing. In some cases it is a good thing.

Once you understand that Rejection doesn’t matter, YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! Think about it, what does it really matter when someone tells you NO? It’s just a word.

Here’s why Rejection doesn’t matter. Once you don’t care whether or not someone tells you yes or no, you will ask everyone, right? It’s all about numbers, the more people you ask, the more “YES’s” you will get. Once you realize that “NO” is just a Stepping Stone to Success” You will talk to everyone around you with absolute confidence. Your lack of confidence comes from fear. Once you erase that fear you will ROCK THE PARTY.

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Steve Krivda

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  1. Graham Judd

    When I first started dating, my Dad once told me, “Son, if you ask enough girls out, one of them will eventually say yes”. Kinda funny when you apply the same principle to Network Marketing.

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    1. admin Post author

      Awesome, glad you came by 🙂

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