Danny Young

07-03-17 #13 of #15


Spending a lot of time with Childcare Business
Talking to a lot of people…Not the people that Danny wants to work with.
Ran ad the other day – 4 days = 16 leads… Personal FB Group ad
Running this ad to Savvy Network Marketing Women Group.
**See HBSF module #3 – From 6/29

How Steve has been promoting HBSF

Reviewed Branding on Blog
Giveaway on blog (name)
4 Video series for giveaway/ad branding
Paid ads to NM of UK

06-12-17 #12 of #15


All banter talk today

Split Ad Phases per http://sckrivda.funnelizer.com/FLAG
Split test pictures for Ads
Start using the knowledge that Danny has to blow people away
Switched around FB Ads target market
Spoke on marketing to local markets
Using OMM as bonus when speaking to people

06-05-17 Session #11a of #15 LOL


Currently on week 9 on 6/15

3 webinars to OMM
5 minutes video ads – Pure value. Place another ad to the people that are promoting to anyone that viewed 25% or more of the “Pure Value” video above…
Current Facebook group

Reviewed current marketing plan
How to attack current FB Group
Created plan to run traffic to OMM. Very excited for this.
Along with copy

05-02-17 Session #11 of #15


Finishing up OMM
Position it with MLSP Sign-ups with funnel per discussed phone call

Keep going in the direction you’re going. Start generating leads with your Facebook ads. Similar to the one you emailed me 05-02-17. Let’s get you leads coming in so you can place them where you want.
This will be an aid for closing leads 🙂

03-28-17 Complimentary Session


FB Ads

03-24-17 Session #10 of #15


2 new signups and 1 more coming 4/1, 2 more looking to come in – 10 Total Mastery and 1 university…
Started OMM last night.

How to improve the current webinar…
Time: from 90 minutes to 60 minutes
Re-launch 3 “lead in” webinar with 4th being the sales webinar.
Run ads to grow audience to lead in webinars
Have the registration set to register people for all 4 webinars, with one registration
<hope that makes sense>

03-13-17 Session #9 of #15


Brought 2 back to MLSP

Re-worked FB Fanpage ad
audience: http://www.business-opportunities.biz/2015/05/04/top-mlm-companies/

Create some sort of giveaway as incentive to register for webinar
Create a giveaway and announce in it in the first 10-15 of your selling webinar

02-27-17 Session #8 of #15


Webinar is all set
Schedule is set
Finalized monetizing with client

Ran Through Ads. Send ad to Steve For Review

02-23-17 Session #7 of #15


Finished up slides and sales page

Current list 600+/-
Online Marketing Group 1,900

WorldVentures Ads

02-15-17 Session #6 of #15


Had “A Day”
Spoke about including current team into OMM

Reviewed entire sales page.
Copy in video for sales page

02-08-17 Session #5 of #15


Focusing on your PowerPoint
Daily Facebook Lives – Engagement on Fanpage not as good as desired.
Spending Good Time Prepping with FB Lives. Doing Lives on OBC and

Boosting Lives. Target Specific Companies…

Creating Future Leaders Today
Empowering You To Build The Life of Your Dreams

MAIN FOCUS OUTSIDE YOUR BOOTCAMP  – Continue building your audience. Follow 20-30 people on FB in your niche. Increase engagement on Lives

Rest of Session: Reviewed Funnel, Sales page and Tagline

02-01-17 Session #4 of #15


1st Paid Coaching Client!

Reviewed: PowerPoint, coaching, branding, WV, MMT

Branding and Tagline Questions:

Are you into Helping, teaching or empowering?
Determine target market – Who are you talking to?
2-3 things that you want to be known for?

01-23-17 Session #3 of #15


All into L3
1 on 1’s with WV. One on the fence, one signing Friday
Found software OBS can work with JoiCaster.co
Using webinars
Had webinar Wednesday 01-18-17…No Sign-ups
Quality in group has been declining

Looking at creating evergreen webinar.

Working on Workshop:
#1 Personal Branding
#2  Vision
#3 Intro to Attraction Marketing
#4 Creating funnels
#5 Prospecting and Closing
#6 Blogging
#7 Content Creation
#8 Email Marketing
#9 Video Marketing / Facebook Live

Looking to focus on hitting L4
What to do with WV, work along side with MLSP?
Work with Lynn…. Go to marketing strategies > Get Leads Fast > Erin Birch
Do you have people to talk to now.
Get her on training to keep her excited. The excitement will be what keeps her in action

Session #2 of #15

Today’s Recording

Hit L3 with MLSP
Enrolled (1) Mastery Member

Frustrated with activity in FB Groups

Biggest To Focus:
Your Mind
Learning something new

Twitter Giveaway: Learn The Automated Strategy I Personally Use In My Business To Generate 5-7 Leads Per Day.
example of simplicity: sckrivda.funnelizer.com/HBH2

Twitter pdf autoresponder
New target market
FB Group – Interaction increase
TMM – Challenges

Session #1 of #15

Today’s Recording

6am Wake up, Visualize, Gratitude. 8:30am take boys to school. (5 minute drive)

Goal: Self-Fund this Coaching
Coaching by end of year
Will be L3 in 7 days
Been with MLSP a couple times, this time 10-11 months. (2 years total)
Senior Rep End of March – 27 outside leg… Need 33 Gold or 17 Platinum
Enroll person every 2 days.
Currently Doing Webinar

L4 Mid April L5 Live The Dream

L4 – 17 new people with 17 total active


Currently speaking with Network Marketers ‘looking’ for help

Target Market:
Who are you? Was corporate job… Dad! Family. Spend time with family. Creating lifestyle for family, that they deserve. Incredibly determined and focused.
What do you stand for? Family. Honesty and Integrity in the industry. Possibility.
Who do you serve? Marketers “Looking” for help
What are the biggest problems & challenges? People Using Social Media the Wrong Way. Time and Money issues…
Level of MLM Education

Who do you want to speak to? People that have offline success, ready to go online.
What do you like to talk about? Sports, business, family, goal creation, travel
What is your passion? Servant hood
What are some of your Values? Honesty and Integrity. Fun, happy go lucky.
Topics of focus – your target market’s top 3-4 biggest challenges, problems and pains.

What do I want? To be able to free wife from job, ($8,400). Creating freedom for family. Create a safe environment for 2 boys. Show others what’s possible. Home School
Who do I need to become in order to get it? Believes $8,400 per mth is possible…

Commitments/7 Days Goals: 
Who do I need to become in order to create the above?

Who do I need to become in order to get it?
What Limiting belief has held back the above desires?

SteveKrivda.com/MLSP196 << Do Daily
Add in Mediation…
Send Steve DMO…