Daily Mode Of Operation – Why You Might Not Be Doing It

ResistanceDaily Mode of Operation

I bet you have some sort of Daily Mode of Operation…Wake up, go to the bathroom, get coffee, brush teeth, get dressed, etc… You get the idea. This isn’t something that comes easy. We fought it when we were kids tooth and nails until it became habit. To the point it seems weird to NOT do something on the list. 

So, why isn’t it happening for everyone? Why aren’t people remaining consistent with their daily routine? 

There’s a resistance that we run into when we are putting it out there. There’s a resistance that we run into that’s designed to stop us from greatness. It’s our security side of us that’s designed to keep us from getting, being vulnerable and safe. 

I discuss how this Resistance almost shut me down this week. 

Daily Mode of Operation

Hope you stayed to the end. I got a little AMP’ed UP!! I put out a weekly call every Monday. Called “Monday Morning Mindset at 10am Eastern. I have months of recordings. If you’d like, there’s a way to get reminded each week.


“Because You’re Worth It”

Steve Krivda

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