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My last article was “To Blog or Not To Blog”

Now it’s time to create one. When creating your own blog…it has to be attractive to read and look at.

1. When first creating your blog, there won’t be much to information to begin with. I would start with the About tab. Out of curiosity people will click on your About. So make it personal. Remember this is about you, people can see right through a line of BS, so be true.

2. I wouldn’t mention your primary company too much…it can be touched upon in your sub-blogs but not the first

thing that people read. This is just my personal opinion, of course. It’s okay to give advice here and there and why you like your company. Remember, people don’t want to come to your blog for an infomercial.

3. The About is telling how awesome you are and the support mechanism. People are going to come to your page because they are looking for advice on how to make their business better, get it?

4. Darken the font, it breaks up the monotony of plain text.

5. Ad some pictures to break it up a bit…it will help. People these days have a very short attention span hahahaha.

6. Creating your content is not that difficult. I bet if you kept a note pad in your pocket, you will come up with 2-4 ideas daily. Write them down and talk about it. Every writing doesn’t have to be a home run, just sort of interesting. If, for some reason you run out of things to write, go to other training sites and watch them…talk about what you learned and your take on things.

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