Creating Value

Why on Earth would someone come to your blog? Good question right? I am sure you have asked yourself that before.

You can write your butt off, every day, every night, including weekends but, if nobody reads it…it’s nothing but a journal for yourself.

If you are putting the time in, you want people to read it. I will be the first to admit that my articles can be a bit long winded and may not be for everyone but, I make my best attempt to give some sort of value with each article written. Not every article that you write is going to be valuable to everyone.

You are going to have your about articles, sometimes you will write about personal stuff, have some embedded videos about the awesome vacations you took, etc…That’s not what I mean.

Creating Value with Article Marketing

I am talking about some sort of training and/or informative information. This is where your vast and/or limited education will come in handy. Being new to Network Marketing can even be a good thing. You are continuing to learn new stuff every day. Put it in writing for the thousands of other newbies out there. Think about it this way, wouldn’t it be cool to see how someone progressed from the beginning to making 6 figures. Watching their journey and knowing that you are in the same place right now.

Creating Value with Article Marketing

I am sure you have seen my posts on how to create content. Here’s the cool thing about all of that. There are literally thousands of articles out there that you can review, learn something and regurgitate what you just learned. Follow it up with your results.

RESULTS ARE PRICELESS: You post the results you are getting and people will flock to your blog.

Here is a video I put together some bit ago to help you create content each day. I think you’ll like what you see/watch.

Something to keep in mind. There is no reason to write anything larger than 300-500 words.

Creating Value doesn’t have to be hard. Just put a little bit of time into what you learned that day and Vuala

I hope I provided some Value for you.  If so, leave me a comment, they’re fun..

“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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