Creating Home Business Success From The End

From The Finish Line – Creating Home Business Success


How many goals do you have for 2016? Or should I change that to ‘did’ you have for 2016? Here’s the truth about goals, especially when it comes to creating home business success. We get excited because we meet people that have created success and that creates a new realm of possibilities in our lives. You see this grand future of what life is going to be like and you start moving towards it.

Some have a general direction of what to do, some don’t…Most have no idea what to do after the first step. That was me. Go forward like a bull until things started happening. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t provide sustainable success.

What we need is a plan. You can go as detailed as you want and that’s cool. I’m talking about an incremental plan. Something that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Step #1: What’s Your Destination?
This will most likely change throughout your journey and that’s okay. This is a great start for you, to see where you’re going. Determine the length of time, you’re allowing yourself to get here.

Step #2: Where are you currently?
Where are you standing with your current education in your niche?
This is helpful to see what you need to learn before taking massive action. Lots of us move fast but don’t have a directive with the actions we’re taking.

Step #3: Work yourself backwards to create your starting line.
If you’re looking to speak from stage and haven’t built an audience or had success yet…that’s your starting point. If you look to create that set of ‘six pack’ abs and you haven’t worked out in a few years, you know where you need to be…The gym or exercising somewhere.

Step #4: Create incremental steps from start to end from the above.
If you truly want home business success, this is crucial. Where can you realistically in 30 days? Once you’ve achieved that, what’s the next viable step?
If you were on a “Share Blitz” to create immediate results? If so, did you create enough results, that you can add another strategy? If not, run another blitz.
You are laying the ground of the person you need to be.

Step#5: Who do you need to be?
We’re still in the planning stage. While you are taking action of building your network, it’s a good idea to work on yourself to become the leader that others would follow. The reputation of who we are, in my opinion, is more important than our results. If you’re looking to speak from stage, as mentioned above, you’re going to need to get yourself out there. Step outside of the comfort zone and let people see you for who you are and who you are becoming.
This brings you a natural sense of respect from your audience.

Step #6: Putting it together.
Putting together the plan is more than what most will do. Once you’ve done your research and have it written out, you’re ready to take action. This whole process should NOT take an entire day.

To wrap all this up. If you have a complete map to follow, you won’t go off track. It’s important to visit this plan each day to be sure you’re on your goal path, as it should be written out, typed out or on your white board…in your face.
You can make this as detailed as you want.

In the audio below, I go more into detail on this. At the 18 Minute Mark, I go into a story that may change your life forever. I had more people message me from this call than any other.
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    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome, thank you Leslie

  1. Kenny Santos

    Steve, This just makes a lot of sense. It’s just like a map. The first 2 questions that you ask are where are you and where are you going. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Carol Makowski

    You’ve done it again, Steve — mapped out a perfect plan for success in business. #5 really rings a bell with me — Who do we need to be? That takes in mindset and personal development — the foundation of it all.

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