Creating A Successful Business From The Finish Line

Creating A Successful Business

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When working with a franchise or a preset business model, you basically know what profits and losses you’ll receive in the first 12-18 months. The model has been created and tested over many years. Some issues around that model, is raising the capital to purchase and understanding that you’ll most likely be running in a deficit for the first 12-18 months. Unfortunately, the capital needed for this business model is quite risky.

The Business I’m referencing, is slightly different. In today’s society, I’m seeing more and more entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Whether it’s creating a new “Family” business or starting a home business. It’s great witnessing a new generation of true capitalism. What’s great about this new generation, is the ever growing servant leadership behind these businesses.

As much as we love to help people and serve, most have an issue as to where to start. Most would believe that we should start from the beginning. This may not be completely true. In the Video Below, I explain a little more.

Now you know where to start, you can hit the ground running. You now have a plan to move forward. You now have a plan and numbers to follow to create whatever amount of success you want to create. Looking forward to your success!

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  1. Sandy Zalecki

    Thanks for the info It is nice to see people becoming entrepreneurs again instead of just working for the man.

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