Creating a Blog

Creating a Blog

Is it important to create a blog? The answer is yes. There are literally millions of companies out there right now. Not even including networking marketing. So how do you stand out, YOU START A BLOG.

You can place ads for yourself but, you are most likely using the same auto-responders as everyone else. You can tell your friends and family about your company, they know who you are but, what’s up with the complete stranger? They don’t know you from a hole in the ground. If you have a blog put together and of course your “About” filled out, they will know you from a click of the mouse.

Blogs are good at showing and informing people of who you are.

Creating a Blog

Big deal right? Going through all that trouble of writing everyday just so people know who you are. HAHA. I thought that too. Hang in there, we are getting to the good parts. A blog will set you apart from others in Network Marketing, who don’t have blog set up. This is a big deal. You see, there are millions and millions of network marketers out there and you want people to pick and chose you, right? So what makes you stand out? Search engines. When you write your articles for your blog, you have and chose keywords. When someone is searching for a piece of information that is written in your article/blog, there is a chance that person will find you, on accident. How cool is that? Yes, blogs can create traffic. Just the other day, someone called me out of the blue from a Google search and came across one of my reviews. They liked what they saw and signed up.

Creating a Blog

This is a big one. Since there are millions and millions of network marketing companies out there, there is a small chance that you may move from one to the other. This is what I mean, say I am in Numis Network and all I do is talk about my company. What are you going to know me for? My company of course. If you are writing in your blog each day, like you are supposed to, your audience is going to know you for your articles. If you are writing every day, then you are going to eventually write something of value, which people are going to gravitate towards. They will know you for your blog and article writing and not just your company. You can still write about your company, of course. BUT what if your company goes under? People knew you for your company and not YOU. Here is a quick bit of information on Creating Content for you blog. (It’s Easy)

Creating a Blog

Writing articles is also cool for sending out information about a fun vacation. They don’t always have to be about business. In fact, I would highly recommend writing about fun stuff from time to time. This does something cool. People who typically wouldn’t read you blog (not interested in your MLM or whatever) are more likely to click on your article to see what you are up to. Guess what this does, it brings non-network marketers to your site…PRETTY COOL.

There you have it, why I think Creating a Blog is important for any business.

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Hope you received the value I am throwing at ya. Leave a comment.

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Steve Krivda

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  2. Graham Judd

    Love it. I’ve been blogging regularly since the first of the year. Believe it or not, I still have stuff to say =-)

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