Create Your Network Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

Create Your Network Marketing Plan


As most of us were growing up, we went to school. If you were like me, getting up in the morning is what you dreaded the most. Get ready to get to school on time then, be sure to make it each class on time after that. When you got home, there was home then chores, dinner (maybe some play time) then to bed. Monday – Friday. When we get older, it’s not much different with our job. How can we escape this to hit our stride in our home business and create a simple to follow network marketing plan?

First we need to forget everything we know about “Working a Job”. This is a completely different realm. In the worker world, we work an hour and get paid for that hour. In the entrepreneurs world, we get paid in the future for the work we put in now…Hence the reason so many people quit before their time.
By following some simple steps, you’ll be able to move faster in the direction you’re looking to go.

Expand Your Mind
Forget what you know and become a “Seeker of Knowledge”. For most, we feel that we know how to speak to our friends and they’ll just ‘get it’. For a very small percentage of society, this is true. For the rest of us, we’ll need to be open to learn a new skill. Learning the basics will set you off on a great path. Learning the Proper Invite, Setting up the Presentation, Objection Handling at the Close are Vital… Even from those you know. You learn all those in my Handbook Here. Yours today because you’re awesome!

In the Video Below, we discuss 2 more with one of the most important parts of what we do here in Network Marketing, you’ll dig that. I get comfy in my chair for that one.

A network marketing plan doesn’t always mean that you are mapping out each and every minute of your day. That being said, you might enjoy this 48 minute webinar/training that I put together for my personal team and coaching clients.

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7 thoughts on “Create Your Network Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

  1. Mike Marko

    Great article Steve! I agree to be a seeker of knowledge. As what I get from a Kung-fu movie, you can’t be a master if your cup is full, you should empty your mind before you learn.

  2. Julie Syl Kalungi

    We all start from Zero and thus learning the basics is essential to one’s growth. I have found I have to get back to basics in a few things. Quitting is the ultimate failure. Open mind, get educated…grow!

  3. Kenny Santos

    Like any plan, it’s important to take action. Even if it’s a “bad” plan, if you take action, you can fix it as you go along. Great post once again.

  4. Ron

    Thank you Steve for delivering some powerful knowledge about starting out with your network marketing career and how others might judge you . You gave me 3 very good tips that I will start applying to my business today !!

    Thank you once again Steve :-))

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Awesome, thanks Ron!

  5. Olivia Chance

    Great tips that you here shared, Steve! I especially love the tip of just having fun… having fun keeps you loving what you do, so thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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